How to Write a Resume Headline (Examples)

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The headline you put on your resume is the first thing recruiters see when you apply for a position. This short phrase may not be enough to earn you an interview, but it is key in making sure the hiring manager keeps on reading.

How to Write a Resume Headline (Examples)

A well-formulated resume headline is a simple yet effective way to generate interest in your abilities, achievements, and personal profile.

When written correctly, it can help communicate your professional strengths while enabling you to immediately stand out from the crowd with just a few words.

Keep reading to learn how to craft the perfect resume headline, to help set you on the right path to the job of your dreams.

What Is a Resume Headline?

A resume headline is also known as a resume title, and it’s a short one-line sentence that summarizes what you can offer to the organization you’re applying to.

This phrase should be located at the top of your resume and written in a larger font than the other sections, similar to the headline of an article.

Why Should I Write a Resume Headline?

Although many candidates put little effort into the headline of their resume, it can actually drastically improve your chances of getting noticed by a prospective employer.

Imagine you’re a recruiter, and you’re sent hundreds if not thousands of resumes every day. Do you think you would closely inspect every single application you come across?

The answer is, probably not. In fact, you’d probably be much more likely to quickly scan through each resume, looking for keywords, figures, and achievements that stand out and are relevant to the job posting.

Well, your resume headline is your first chance to immediately grab the recruiter’s attention with exactly the numbers or facts they are looking for.

By starting off with a strong first impression, the rest of your profile is much more likely to be received positively by whoever is reading your resume.

However, let’s not forget that the rest of your document is just as important, and it’s essential to follow tried-and-tested resume-building techniques to maximize your chances of success.

Nowadays, you can even use an online resume maker to speed up the resume creation process and to ensure that you meet all the recommended professional guidelines.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume Headline

Now that we’ve covered what a resume headline actually is, let’s explore some of the fundamentals that will help you create the perfect title, regardless of your specific job position or industry:

Keep It Concise and Simple

A world-famous study by Ladders found that most recruiters spend only around 7 seconds looking at each resume they are presented with.

This means that overwhelming readers with a complex block of text from the get-go are a surefire way to get your resume quickly discarded. Make sure you keep your headline straight to the point so that it can be easily read and remembered.

Use the Right Styling and Positioning

A resume headline should stand out from the rest of the document by being at the top of the page, right below your name and contact information.

It should be one of the first things someone reads when they pick up your resume, and properly capitalized or written in all-caps.

Include Relevant Keywords

Before you write your resume headline, check the job description and identify the main keywords that the employer might be looking for.

Find ways that these keywords can relate to your personal experience and strengths, and then base your headline around them.

This not only ensures that your headline is relevant to the job you’re applying for, but it will also help your resume score highly on applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Write Multiple Versions

Creating a new resume headline for each position you apply to is an excellent way to ensure that it is sufficiently personalized to the job description.

It’s even recommendable to write more than one headline for each application, this way you can select the one that is most naturally engaging and appealing.

Resume Headline Examples

Before writing your own resume headline, it’s helpful to look at a few well-made samples to draw inspiration from. The following list includes a variety of examples that are written in a way that is both concise and grabs the attention of hiring managers:

Award-Winning Copywriter Skilled in SEO

Bilingual Sales Assistant With Experience in Clothing Retail

Top-Performing Account Executive With B2B SaaS Experience

Graphic Designer With 3 Years in International Agencies

Salesperson Who Landed $5 Million in New Deals

Three-Time National Geographic Prize-Winning Photographer

Digital Marketing Specialist With 5 Years in the Software Industry

Business Analyst With DevOps Experience

Certified Medical Assistant With Extensive Childcare Background

Multilingual Receptionist With Corporate Experience

Friendly Shop Assistant and UO 2x Employee of the Month

You can’t go wrong following these headline examples. They’re compact, punchy, and catchy, while still providing relevant information to the reader.


In addition, each example is clearly tailored to the job or industry being applied to.

It goes without saying that listing your doctor credentials won’t get you anywhere when applying for a tech role at a software startup.