Why SEO should be a top priority when starting a new buisness

SEO Agencies: The difference between the rest and the best. This is the question on everyone’s mind.

After searching for good SEO companies to transact with, most clients end up choosing companies that have the best reviews or companies that have been ranked on top. They fail to realise that some of these ranks can be simply obtained by paying the authors of the articles. It is therefore understandable that most people find themselves disappointed by the poor quality they receive.

Since the SEO industry has become very popular and a necessary evil for all calibre businesses to engage in. This has resulted in numerous marketing and SEO companies popping up at every corner of the internet. Weeding through these companies to establish which are genuine is a complicated task. Most of these businesses produce enormous amounts of content for their clients with utter disregard for the actual results of their work.

Many clients have come out complaining about the appalling service they have received from these emerging SEO companies. If you are considering spending your money on digital marketing, you are required to conduct comprehensive research before selecting an SEO company. Below are characteristics of SEO Agencies: The difference between the rest and the best.

1. A company that offers a reasonable rate and realistic promises.

Rates depend on the type of work you would like done. Companies do not have the same financial capacity and this must also be taken into consideration. As a guide, prices start from $750- $75,000 per month. Anything below that may be a sign of an SEO sales machine with poor content.

There are SEO companies that guarantee First Page Appearance on your first month. Such promises should always be met with high skepticism as they may be another sign of an SEO sales machine that only care about taking your hard earned money. SEO is constantly changing and unless you work for Google, Yahoo or Bing; you can never be sure whether you will appear on the first page.

2. A contract that is simple and transparent.

SEO companies that have extremely long contracts full of legalese indicate that they have something to hide. A contract should never be full of terms and conditions only; it should simply outline what they promise to do and what the client is supposed to do.

3. Companies that do not offer exclusivity per industry

It is not practical for an SEO company to be working for two competing clients since it will be splitting its effort between them.

4. White-hat SEO techniques

Using legitimate techniques to promote your business should be a trait of SEO Agencies like Digital Next : The difference between the rest and the best lies here. Since Google uses your website’s history to determine its ranking, poor content can be detrimental.

5. Provide full ownership of the content

There is an advantage of having SEO that lasts for a long time and can improve your ranking with the Google algorithm. There are some cunning SEO companies that withdraw their content once the contract has expired. If you paid for SEO, you should own it.

6. Regular reports

The best SEO companies will always have a report on the work they have done and what they have been able to accomplish. Without these reports, you will never know how effective your SEO campaign is. SEO companies need to show your ranking in comparison to the baseline ranking. If an SEO company is confident with their results, then the reports should be clear, simple to understand and comprehensive.