Why No Code Is the Way to Go

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First things first, I have no idea how to write code. In fact, none of my friends or family can write code. I came from hospitality before making my way into the tech world during the pandemic. When I started as the Head Business Developer at Round Pegs, I was shown the ease and simplicity of no code.

No Code Is the Way to Go

I could not believe how user-friendly these platforms were, and I could not believe that no coding was needed. Fun fact: Did you know that in the 1970s, the only way to access anything on your computer was to put command after command after command in order to get anywhere?

Obviously, that does not exist anymore. You do not need code to scroll through all your social media feeds. Taking coding out is basically what made computers go from niche to a necessity to everyday life, and so easy to use. Would you have signed up for Instagram if you had to input code every day just to scroll? I don’t think so.

What Is No Code?

For some background, I lived in Silicon Valley for 4 years, and all I kept hearing was coding, and how it was implemented in everything. I had many friends in the tech world, and this was all I heard. Many of us tend to think coding is the only way to go when it comes to creating web or mobile applications. However, with new platform tools like Bubble and Adalo, you do not need any coding knowledge at all. They make it easy, quick, and affordable.

Pedro Donati, who founded Round Pegs, a no-code/low code agency, felt it was important to show the world just what no code truly is. The startup was born with headquarters in Silicon Valley, as a solution for entrepreneurs, startups, and nontech founders, to get their web or phone application out to the world in a matter of days for a fraction of the cost.

“As an executive, I realized how many incredible ideas and digital opportunities were ahead and were simply not explored,” he says. “Contrasting these two worlds and seeing how organizations like Google, Amazon, and Netflix work, I realized a series of mechanisms on how to understand and make decisions about digital innovation, which was not available to companies. Round Pegs was created to be that accelerator of innovation and digital transformation.”

No Code Can Help Get Your Idea off the Ground in 1 Week

Who would have thought it was so easy and quick to make an app? Did we mention that your app could be submitted to the app store within 1 week? Most people have this idea that coding is the ONLY way to go, and most people also believe that it will cost them thousands upon thousands of dollars and that creating an app can take months. But not all of us are Elon Musk, and not all of us have all the time in the world. We all need to start somewhere, and 2021 could be your year. That is where no code comes in.

For example, think of a Christmas Tree. It is a template; you can put whatever you want on that tree. That is how Bubble and Adalo work. You start with a template and add from there. It is fairly easy, but many non-tech and technical entrepreneurs do get stuck. That is where Round Pegs comes in.

Round Pegs uses a range of low code and no-code platforms which allows their clients to get their product within days. Their main stack includes Bubble, Adalo, and Webflow. Round Pegs makes sure your idea is 100% confidential and all of our specialists have previously signed our NDA. Your idea remains 100% yours. Round Pegs just helps you to make it happen.

We offer a range of vetted no code/low code experts, to get your idea started, or help you when you are stuck. Do you need a UX Designer? How about a Product Manager? Maybe an Adalo, Bubble, or Webflow expert? Don’t know where to start? We make it easy to move forward and get it done.

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Low Code and No-Code: What Is the Difference?

Wouldn’t it just be so awesome if you didn’t have to write a single line of code? If everything just came super easy, and no problems ever arose? In perspective, that’s not really how things work. Just like real life, these platforms have limits. You can do a lot with Adalo and Bubble, but at the end of the day, limits are limits. Low code is a great way to go beyond the platform.

Please keep in mind you can build most of your app without coding. However, as stated, there are small areas where you may be stuck, and some low coding is needed. If you simply do not know code and have no idea where to go from here, that is where we come in at Round Pegs once again! Low code is something we specialize in when you need one of our experts.

Round Pegs Approach

We transform ideas into reality in days, not months. We create solutions using our proven frameworks and no code or low code tools to test them asap. We develop them using building blocks to make it tenfold faster. In simpler terms, we just make it happen.