Why Blogging is Similar to Marriage

f love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, then surely blogging and business go together like…well, cheese and biscuits. Without one, it’s hard to thrive with the other.

And as if that’s not enough analogy for one day, here are more reasons why a good blog is like a good marriage.

You shouldn’t jump in, feet first

Many marriages fail because people don’t take the time to fully get to know each other. Blogging can be the same – you need to spend some time with your blog to fully understand it and how it works, before you start to promote it to your customers. Learn about widgets, plug-ins and capabilities before you rush to launch your blog, and your patience will pay off at a later stage.

Both depend on good communication

This is pretty self-explanatory. A great blog’s best asset is its capability to deliver information openly and without jargon. You need to update your blog frequently to keep your customers coming back. An out of date blog is a disappointment, if you’re following it.

Set apart a time each day, preferably, to tell your customers what’s going on.

Both rely on honesty

Deceit and dishonesty can be as detrimental to a blog as they are to a marriage. Don’t over-inflate your capabilities or services, and keep your blog writing down to earth and realistic. If you have limitations, don’t be afraid to express them!

Both take commitment and dedication

Just like a positive relationship needs attention to make it flourish, so a blog needs regular input from you. Maintenance is critical to make sure your blog operates seamlessly, marketing for you even while you are not working on it. Take time to spring clean your blog regularly, and check basics like spelling, accuracy of links and grammar. Also deactivate and delete unwanted plug-ins.

They can be enhanced through simple actions

While there is not yet a plug-in available for enhancing a marriage, think of buying flowers, going out for meals together and small gifts as positive add-ons. Blogs can only be enhanced by good design, regular updates and widgets to streamline comment-collation and improve the user experience.

They do not stand alone

Good marriages are not closed relationships – people also need friends and family around them. Similarly, a blog should be supported by great customer service, and a killer web site to produce an ideal package for marketing your services to your customers.

You can’t cheat

Plagiarism on your blog is the equivalent of cheating in a marriage. Make no mistake about it, there are highly sophisticated tools available now which people use to detect reproduced text online. Make sure you only publish words which you own, whether you wrote them or commissioned them, so you don’t risk getting caught out.

They both often lead to offspring

Ok, this is a bit of a stretch now, but a good blog, like a good marriage, can result in fruitful productivity. If you get my drift. If you blog with commitment and care, enhanced business success and increased sales will follow. By dedicating attention and love each day to your blog, you can be assured that it will bring you customers, as they get to know all about you and your services.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?