What’s it Like Being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not like being a regular teenager. Instead of spending hours playing video games and watching TV,  I spend my time wisely. To be specific,  I blog, sell on eBay and design websites. Even if my day is slightly longer and harder than other teens it pays off. Hopefully, by the age of 30, I will have created something–a successful company, popular product, innovative technology–and I will be able to retire.
A typical day looks like this:

6:40 Wake up
6:55 Leave to train station
7:13 Train to Manhattan
8:00 Arrive at school
4:45 End school
7:00 Home again
7:15 Dinner
7:30 Homework
10:30 Business
11:00 Sleep

Pretty long day…

I think of innovative ideas 24/7. My goal in life is to turn those ideas into companies. For now my focus is on school, but one day, I’ll fulfill my dream of becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur and thrive.