Wayne Liew’s Entrepreneurship Blog

Below is a post written by fellow entrepreneur, Wayne Liew.

The abundance of this universe offers more than enough opportunities for entrepreneurs, even those who are still young, still studying in schools and still trying to grasp the different walks of life.

My name is Wayne Liew. I am an online marketer and editor of Wayne Liew Dot Com, a blog focusing on entrepreneurship, small business and marketing. I call myself an entrepreneur because I am always on the lookout for opportunities that allow me to add value to others and ultimately, the society at large.

Everything started when I was 16. Blogging was just emerging at that time and I thought it can definitely be a great platform for me to reach out to like-minded people all around the world. At that time, all I had was a simple personal blog which acts as my online diary.

Some people are already generating income off their blogs then so I thought I might be able to make some extra pocket money off my personal blog as well. However, I got a little too smart and start clicking on my own Google AdSense ads. The end results are pretty obvious, I got myself BANNED!

I learned my lessons but rather than giving up on the whole make money online thing, I started to dip my feet into affiliate marketing, which allows me to earn by setting up content sites and promote products or services that are contextual with the content that I put up. Throughout my affiliate marketing venture, I picked up several important online marketing strategies and skills such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, content marketing, etc.

In 2009, Wayne Liew Dot Com was turned from being a personal blog with some blogging tips to a full fledged entrepreneurship blog for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The change was largely due to my urge to share my expertise on business and online marketing with small business owners out there.

One of the things that are currently in the works will be my ecommerce venture that will be set up to bring convenience and great service to my local community. Nothing much that I can tell at this point of time because me and my business partner are still trying to get the business plan right.

Being an entrepreneur is all about the persistence, the hunger to seek for opportunities to add value to people’s life and turning the opportunities from ideas into reality.

I am Wayne Liew and this is my story as an entrepreneur.