How To Tune Your Business For A Better Productive Balance

Group of young coworkers working together on new project

Keeping everyone in balance engaged and happy all the time when it comes to your business, is simply not possible. However, with the right folks in the right positions, you can manage the “right now” vs the “when things slow down” projects effectively. Hiring smart, celebrating wins, and boosting technical skills across your organization is key.

Hire People Who Know More Than You

If you started your business, it can be hard to give up control and hire new experts. However, even if you can fulfill all the major executive roles necessary for your business, you’re going to have tasks that are not enjoyable. Don’t burden yourself with tasks that aren’t part of your passion.

Hire someone who knows enough to teach you their job. If you once did that job, they may be able to

  • save time with better technical skills
  • connect you with other professionals in the industry
  • bring positive energy to the task

Don’t let unfamiliarity with new technology get in the way of great results. Go into the process of working with new employees as a student.

Grant Folks Autonomy To Work When They’re Most Productive

The trend of working from home may or may not be effective for your business. If your organization has any connection with global markets or even coast-to-coast communication, do consider the work-from-home option.

If your business is physically located on the west coast, you may have employees that would actually get the best information by logging on at 6 a.m. If they can do that from home, you can get faster results while they get a bit more time at home to tend to their family needs. Do be aware that if you allow the option to work from home, you may need to make that universally possible over time.

Partner With Great Recruiters

Hiring can be a stressful time; it often indicates growth, which is great but bringing on the best people can really take time. Work with a recruiter who can list your available agriculture (AG) professional jobs and only get the best candidates in front of you.

Do take the time to meet with your recruiting representative and let them tour your facility. They need to know your culture to get you the best candidates. Hiring and training are expensive; you need to bring in the best and hire them as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Most Productive Time

If you’re most productive in the morning, block out your calendar. Ask your assistant to allow you to put down your briefcase or backpack, hang up your jacket and get a cup of coffee before you have to face any questions. Don’t be available for every call or visit during this critical time.

Let your staff get used to you shutting your door for an hour or two during the day. Take breaks; consider blocking out time to close your eyes and do a little meditating or take a walk around the block if the weather allows. When you’re dealing with a thorny problem, do something habitual to find the solution. As your body goes into habit mode, your brain will get more creative.

Celebrate Big Wins

When everyone has put in the hard work to reach a big goal, book a party! Don’t do the party on launch day; everyone is bedraggled and may want to go home. Within the week, book a caterer and bring in a great lunch. Send the invite to lunch to all involved employees with a sincere “thank you” email and hand out awards or verbal thanks at the gathering.

If your space or world conditions don’t allow for a gathered lunch, send out an invite with a menu copy and let everyone order. Have help on hand to deliver those lunches quickly. Be one of the folks who deliver take-out containers and offer in-person thanks with the drop-off.

Every member of your business has their most productive times. Allow folks in the cubicles to hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign so they can protect theirs. Consider blocking out quiet time on the floor when all staff can be sure that they won’t be bothered or interrupted. Encourage breaks and provide a quiet spot for folks to break off and stretch their legs and brains.