Top 10 most Annoying Facebookers and Twitterers

As all social media addicts know, there are groups of very annoying Facebook and Twitter users out there. They spam, promote, abuse and do all kinds of annoying things. Our job should be to recognize them and hopefully stop in order to make our social media experience more pleasant for everybody. Here are the top 10 of them, 5 are types of Facebookers and 5 are types of Twitterers.


1. Twitter spammer
The worst of all: the Twitter spammer. I can’t tolerate those twitter bots and spammers that will send out twits, and even replies with annoying messages like these: “@entrepreneurpro You can get 100 followers a day using” I don’t want to spammed constantly with similar scams!

2. The twitless twitterer
Then there are those twitterers who don’t twit at all but have followers. They shouldn’t be able to take up the precious twitter vanity links. And the people that follow them clearly don’t help either by supporting these wasters.

3. Celebrity twit
No matter how many millions of followers celebrities have I don’t want to follow them. I don’t care what their PR firm has to tell me. And I think that it’s sad that people like Britney Spears, Shaquille O’Neill and many others have millions of followers. For all we know there’s a much more interesting twitterer out there with only 10 followers.

4. Auto DM’er
I think that we could all agree that those people who send auto direct messages after you follow them are very annoying. For God’s sake I have 4,328 unread direct messages! The links to their sites, mafia invitations, and spam are all incredibly annoying that I don’t ever look at my messages any more.

5. Self Promoter
This may sound a little hypocritical because I find that promoting through twitter is very valuable. But I know that some people dislike it when people constantly promote blogs, sites and products on Twitter.


6. Over Facebooker
Every time I go on Facebook I’ll see the same 30 people online in my chat window. Without a doubt they spend way too much time on Facebook and it shows. You’ll see them commenting, liking, posting everywhere and way too much.

7. Stalker
Yes there are stalkers on Facebook. They could be your friends or some random person. They’ll send you strange messages, constantly look at your profile, or even just comment way too much on your Facebook. This is why I wish that there was a real way to see who’s looked at your profile like on LinkedIn.

8. Facebook link’er
Basically like a self promoter on twitter, these people will post links on your wall or groups in order to promote themselves. Once is fine, but repeatedly doing this is just spam.

9. Friending abuser
As I mentioned in a previous post, those people who add too many people really don’t have that many friends in real life. Friending constantly is plain annoying.

10. Never ending inviter
I can’t take those people who will invite you to random events, groups and stupid apps. Such as:
“Howdy friend! How’d you like to be neighbors? Come join me in FarmVille, where you can grow delicious fruits and vegetables on your very own farm!”
“Extreme Makover: Vending Machine Edition
Sunday, November 8th, 12:00am at…
You have been invited by …”
I’m not interested in growing my own farm on Facebook, or redesigning a vending machine!

What are your thoughts? Any suggestions, disagreements?