Tips on Getting Yourself Interviewed Everywhere

Aside from social media, advertising, business cards and speaking engagements, interviews for self-promotion are also very effective.

I was very fortunate, at age 14 to be interviewed on Channel 12 for my eBay business. It not only brought me new customers but it also served–even now two years later–as a great way for me to introduce myself to others. I uploaded the interview to YouTube, which now has over 8,000 views and continues to drive traffic to my site, connecting me with other entrepreneurs.

After realizing how much interviews could benefit me, I immediately began to put myself out there. Soon after I was asked to participate in an interview on Blog Talk Radio, which again connected me with yet more entrepreneurs.

I was even interviewed in a local newspaper called the Westchester Eye. Since then I’ve been interviewed on many blogs, which you can check out here.

So the question is how can you get yourself interviewed?

  • Have a story! The only way you could get yourself interviewed is by having a unique story whether it be your remarkable business, impressive age, or inspiring success.
  • Make connections. For example, I was connected to the editor of the Westchester Eye by my mom. They were looking for freelance writers, but she didn’t have time. Once she heard they were searching for teen contributors,  she introduced me to the editor, who interviewed me for an article and then asked me to write a column.
  • Promote yourself offline. People may see your business cards, flyers, books and be impressed. Reporters, bloggers, talk show hosts may also see them and seek you out.
  • Offer your time. Contact reporters and bloggers, show them how interesting you are and give them your pitch. Who knows, maybe you’ll succeed in convincing them to interview you?

Have any other ideas? Feel free to share below.