Things To Do Between Trains Near Torino Porta Susa Station

aerial view of city buildings

Northern Italy’s unsung gem, Turin, is one of the country’s best travel destinations. Situated between the River Po and surrounded by the looming Alps, Turin offers a unique flavor when compared to its neighbors further south on the Italian Peninsula.

Like other Italian cities, it’s jam-packed with historical landmarks and fantastic museums. The dining and nightlife scene is equally superb, and there’s incredible access to outdoor recreation in the surrounding mountains. 

Torino Porta Susa Stations is Turin’s second largest transportation hub, but it’s in the city center. Both commuters and tourists will find it very convenient to access the city’s best cultural and historical offerings. Most of the best restaurants and landmarks are within a 20-minute walk from Porta Susa, so it’s highly convenient to travel through. 

As you’re exploring near the station, you won’t want to carry your bags and suitcases with you. Your best bet is to head to a nearby Torino Porta Susa Station luggage storage to drop everything off. Then, it’ll be so much easier to get around town.

Here are the best things to do near Torino Porta Susa Station:  

See How Turin’s Royalty Once Lived 

The Savoy dynasty was the political power that put Turin on the map, and they reigned for centuries. Much of their wealth and power is still on display through their well-preserved mansions and palazzos throughout the city. Two of them are within a short walk of Porta Susa Station. Palazzo Madama is close, and Palazzo Carignano is very close. You can tour these landmarks or merely admire their fantastic Medieval and Neo-Gothic facades from the street. 

People-watch at Piazza Castello

palace with statue in-front

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the best things to do in an Italian city like Turin is head to the largest city square and vibe out for a while. Piazza Castello has been the beating heart of Turin since it was established in the 14th century. It’s lined with historic buildings and cafes and is the perfect place to get a sense of Turin’s architecture and local culture. 

Grab Some Artisanal Chocolate For The Train 

Turin’s most notable export is its superb chocolate, and the city center is filled with charming cafés and chocolatiers giving sweet-toothed chocolate junkies their fix. One of Turin’s best local delicacies is Bicerin, a steamy, cream-topped chocolate coffee drink that is ultra-satisfying during the cold Northern Italian winters. 

There are also little ganaches flavored with everything from peppermint to sweet vermouth that are worth checking out. Another classic to look out for is gianduiotto (chocolate triangles made from gianduja hazelnut paste). The two best chocolate-forward cafés near Porta Susa Train station are Caffè Al Bicerin and Guido Gobino. These are family-run establishments dating back generations. While there might be a line, it’s well worth it for the full Turin experience! 

Marvel at the Mole Antonelliana

roof of synagogue

One of Turin’s most notable architectural marvels can be seen from almost anywhere in the city center, but it’s most impressive when viewed up close. Built in 1848 when non-Catholic religious buildings first became legal, this synagogue has dominated Turin’s skyline ever since.

The towering spire is awe-inspiring in its scale and ornate details, and the synagogue now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Museum of Cinema). The museum is a must-hit for film students, but the best feature of Mole Antonelliana is its viewing platform at the top, where you can enjoy amazing views of the city and surrounding mountains. 

Explore the Museo Egizio 

An Italian city in the Alps may be a curious place to explore Egyptian history, but Turin is home to one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the world. Museo Egizio (or Egyptian Museum) rivals the British Museum in London, the collection in Berlin, and even the Louvre in terms of the extent of its vast collection. 

Stroll Through Parco del Valentino 

brown wooden bench

If you’re looking for a place to get some steps in after a lengthy train ride, you can head to the River Po’s west bank for this leafy public park. Parco Valentino is lined with paths snaking their way along the river and between groves of trees, and it’s spotted with fantastic villas and mansions. The Castello del Valentino, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once a residence of the Savoy dynasty, is situated prominently in the center of the park and can be toured.

Pop Over To Check Out Quadrilatero Romano

This historical landmark is only a few minutes away from Porta Susa, nestled between Porte Palatine, Via Garibaldi, and Corso Soccardi. On the site where the earliest Roman settlements in Turin once stood, there’s a network of cobbled streets and historic (even by Italy’s standards) buildings lined with artisanal shops, jewelers, tiny cafés, and traditional restaurants serving up hearty northern Italian bites. 

Almost the entire neighborhood is pedestrianized, which makes for a relaxed atmosphere for window shopping or lounging on a sidewalk cafe with an aperitivo. If you look closely, you’ll find the remnants of some of these Roman buildings scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Check Out The Ruins of the Ancient Mastio della Cittadella Fortress 

This pentagonal fortress overlooking Corso Inghilterra and Corso Vittorio was built back in the 16th century before crumbling under numerous sieges (it miraculously survived more than a dozen) in the 18th century. This formerly imposing fortress was one of the most important defensive assets for the city, and you can tour the (admittedly rather sparse) ruins on your way into town from Porta Susa Station. 

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If you plan to explore Turin on a travel day, you won’t want to drag your heavy luggage around. Heading directly to the hotel can take ample time, and Porta Susa Station is located near so many of the best things to do in Turin, so that would be a waste. You’ll want to figure out a place to store the bags while you sightsee. That’s why Bounce has placed so many of its Turin luggage storage facilities near the train station and the best attractions.