5 Things About Playground Safety


Playgrounds offer youngsters and the young at heart an unmatched level of freedom and fun. People may unwittingly take playground fun too far, sometimes resulting in injuries. It is for such reasons that exercising caution around playground equipment is encouraged.

The need for playground safety stems from the high number of playground injury cases. Creating awareness about playground hazards helps ensure everyone remains safe while having fun.

Below is an outline of five things about playground safety.

1.  Common Playground Risks

To best understand what playground safety entails, one should first know the possible risks. Playgrounds have numerous hazards relating to the environment, equipment, and negligence of adults to children.

Some of the typical playground risks that one should be on the lookout for include:

Overcrowding of Equipment 

Playground equipment might be set too close together, creating congestion. The congestion robs the playground of a proper fall zone, increasing the safety risk.

Slip and Fall Accidents 

Tripping when playing is expected, so it shouldn’t be a cause of concern. A cause of alarm for any parent is an unsafe fall zone or substandard playgrounds that cause the fall.

Banned or Faulty Playground Equipment

shoddy maintenance or hazardous equipment on a playground affects safety levels. This equipment increases the risk of injury or accidents, so caretakers should (safely!) eliminate them before anyone steps onto the playground.

2. Supervision Is Key

Most parents assume that their children are safe on the playground, so they slack off on supervision. Failing to keep an eye out for one’s youngsters can be risky.

Parents should be vigilant and supervise their children’s every movement. Checking what equipment the child is using or whom they are playing with ensures the parent can intervene quickly if need be.

Most playgrounds have caretakers entrusted to watch over the children as they play. Adult supervision ensures the children have fun while staying safe, reducing accident occurrences.

3. Consider Age-Appropriate Equipment and Play Areas

Different play area equipment has varying uses, and the fun that each item offers differs with a child’s age. All equipment is earmarked for use by a specific age group. Pairing children with age-appropriate equipment significantly reduces the chances of injuries.

The planners will segregate the various equipment in any playground according to the play area. Selecting the right play area for a child’s age helps them remain safe without limiting fun.

4. Leave Inspection and Maintenance to the Experts

Most parents think they have the final say about a child’s wellness. While that may be true in some instances, playground equipment inspection and maintenance can be complex. Experts should handle such services to eliminate possible hazards within the play center.

Parents should confirm that the center has age-appropriate and well-maintained equipment. If parents notice anomalies with equipment functionality, they should report it to the caretakers. Reporting raises awareness of the problem to fix it as soon as possible.

5. Ensure Safe Surfacing Around Playground Equipment

The most common safety problem is slips and falls, so safe surfacing in playgrounds is essential. One should avoid playgrounds with non-impact absorbing surfaces like asphalt, grass, gravel, or concrete.

The recommended surface materials are;

  •   Sand
  •   Pea gravel
  •   Wood chips
  •   Mulch
  •   Shredded rubber
  •   Synthetic turf
  •   Rubber mats

Most artificial materials require less maintenance but offer adequate cushioning for falls. The surfacing should have enough depth to absorb the impact and cover a reasonable surface around the equipment.

Playground Safety Prevents Injuries

Playground hazards can limit the amount of fun a child has when playing. Instead of creating restrictions on the child’s fun, parents can learn the facts about playground safety. The facts offer information on safe playground equipment use and the ideal solutions for keeping children safe. Playground safety prevents injuries and allows children to have fun and be carefree in an exciting environment.