Building a Successful Career in Business

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There are many, many different career paths you can choose to take in life, and you might even change lanes in your later years, finding that your passions and interests have changed.

If you are someone who finds yourself drawn to the fast-paced, exciting world of the business sector, you will be up against a lot of competition and talent fighting for even entry-level positions, let alone vying for those all-important promotions.

This is why strategizing and putting your best foot forward when it comes to getting noticed is key, and here are a few tips that you might find useful to help you build a successful career in business.


The first place to start is buying learning about the business sector to give you some preparation of what to expect. Studying for a business degree at college will help you get considered for job applications, and some places will even expect this as an entry requirement.

An undergraduate degree is great, but if you want to make yourself stand out and put yourself in a position for better roles, you might want to think about getting a master’s degree or doctorate, too.

You can even still work while you get these higher-level degrees by enrolling in courses like this one for an online DBA, which will allow you to fit your studies around your work schedule.

Work Experience

A degree under your belt is great, but remember that a lot of other people looking to start their career in business are likely to be fresh out of college, too.

A degree might be a requirement for a lot of job roles but getting work experience will also be something potential employers will be looking out for too.

Studying business can help you with the theory side of things, but doing internships, getting a part-time job, or volunteering your time to a company to help out with administrative tasks, promotional work, or whatever they need you to do, will be what gives you an insight into how things work practically.

Consider Your Options

There are a lot of different career paths you can follow in the business sector, and it’s worth weighing up your options to see what role will be the right fit for you. For example, are you more interested in marketing? Or do you like the idea of recruiting new talent for different clients?

Perhaps you would prefer working in finance, or maybe starting a company yourself? Before you start applying for jobs, think about what role you would like to pursue as a career.

Even if you do change your mind at a later date, having an idea of what area you want to work in will help you plot out your path to more senior positions.

You could even try to get work experience in a few different positions to get a sense of what role might suit you the best.


In any career, if you want to move forward and get noticed, you need to be willing to network.

These events and opportunities can open doors to new job possibilities, or even the chance to sit down with more experienced colleagues and get advice on how you can improve your prospects from people who have already been through it.

Whether it’s going to an organized networking event on a weekday evening, going to conferences, or reaching out to others online and offering to buy them a coffee in exchange for some words of wisdom, meeting the right people can make a huge difference in building a successful career in business.

Further Training

Another way to help you move up that career ladder is by looking into further training when you do start working in the business sector.

Ask your manager if there is anything that the company arranges in-house to help employees develop their skills or if they can recommend external programs that they like to see on resumes.

It could help you get promoted more quickly and will certainly show your dedication to your career.

Go the Extra Mile

Additional training will show your determination, but there are other things you can do to show that you’re ready to take on extra responsibilities.

Volunteering to take on more work or to stay late to help your team complete a project is a good way to show your manager that you’re passionate about what you do.

Even coming in early on occasion when there is a lot of work to get through will put you in a good light. While it’s important not to burn yourself out, you do need to be ready to take on the challenges your job throws at you, especially if you want to eventually move into a position with even more responsibility.

Show Initiative

As well as being a strong team player, you will also need to prove that you can use your initiative and are confident enough to work alone when necessary.

Speak up in meetings when it’s appropriate to share your ideas, as your suggestions could prove to be the creative solution your managers are looking for. Take the opportunity when you’re asked to make a presentation, or manage a small team for a project.

If you want to get ahead in your business career, you need to be able to prove that you believe in yourself and can take the lead when the occasion calls for it.

Seek Out Mentorships

Finally, if the company you work for has mentorship schemes in place, get involved with this. Being taken under the wing of an already established colleague and shadowing them in their role can offer brilliant insight.

They can also provide you with feedback on your performance, so you know where you need to improve.


If there isn’t an official scheme in place, ask if a manager or a team leader wouldn’t mind acting as your mentor, or reach out at a networking event to see if you can have monthly meetings with another professional to get tips on how to move up the career ladder.

If you want to build a successful career within the business sector, consider the tips above and see how they can help you achieve your goals and land you more executive roles.