How SaaS Companies Can Use Content Marketing to Become the Next Canva


The SaaS space has been on an increasingly upward trajectory in recent years.

Many software companies now largely or exclusively deal in SaaS products, and they often not only position themselves as sellers of software subscriptions but also as thought leaders and experts in their software niche.

How SaaS Companies Can Use Content Marketing to Become the Next Canva

While companies like Microsoft and Adobe had the legacy to be able to easily pivot into the SaaS space, other companies like Salesforce and Hubspot built their entire business and reputation around SaaS. As such, there is ample space for a new SaaS company to bring their subscription-based software to market, especially for those that have a unique value proposition.

For example, Canva was able to recently become a darling of the SaaS industry by creating an easy-to-use creative suite that made non-designers look like designers. However, Canva was not able to do this through market positioning alone.

They also needed to build their brand reputation and get the word out about how their SaaS offering could help design clean and easy-to-use digital assets.

Canva’s SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

To do so, Canva had to create a SaaS content marketing strategy that showed how their software could help companies design excellent digital assets without having to hire a designer. They also were able to specifically target small and medium-sized businesses that did not need the precision of other SaaS design tools such as Photoshop and Sketch.

In positioning themselves in this way, Canva was able to create their brand identity as a SaaS company without leaning into the fact that they were selling subscriptions to software. Any new SaaS company that comes to market needs to keep Canva’s content marketing strategy in mind when creating its own content.

If you take a look at Canva’s blog, they have various resources on everything from designing and marketing to branding and running a nonprofit. Canva has geared each of these content topics toward their buyer personas, making their blog content particularly relevant to people who would potentially turn to their software to help them with their design needs.

Tutorials and Courses in Canva

In addition to this, Canva has various tutorials and courses on everything from how to use Canva in different ways to becoming a better designer and brand manager. Canva certainly knows its audience and has used content to address the various needs that its users and potential adopters may have.

When creating your own SaaS content marketing strategy, you should follow the example of Canva and try to build your content toward your buyer personas. By putting the user first with your content, which you should also do in the creation of your SaaS offering, you will be able to better position your own SaaS product as a solution and not a software.

Once potential users start to look at your software as something that may improve their lives, they will hopefully sign up for a free trial and see the convenience and ease of use that it brings to their lives.

Once this happens, like Canva, you can use content to keep them from coming back and continuing to use the software to its full potential.