WordPress List Post – Will It Bring Major Traffic?

Publishing list post has been a huge trend for bloggers especially for those who are blogging about WordPress related topics. It has been claimed as a great way to create a post as the article will be easy to read and important points can easily be identified.

However, there are huge numbers of  bloggers have failed to make use of the benefits of creating list post which then have failed to attract quality and huge incoming traffics.

What are actually the problems?

There are few problems and weaknesses that I have successfully identified which we should try out our best to avoid as it will help to bring the best out of our list post. However, these two are the biggest which you should know.

Number of points

List Post

The purpose of creating a list post is to help our blog readers to read through our blog article and take note of the important points. Unfortunately, there are numbers of bloggers that simply dumped in links (sometimes, it can reach up to 100 links) without any quick reviews or explanations for each points.

This will not only make it harder to read to the end without annoying feelings, it will force our readers to spent a lot of their time to click on the links to read the topics which are in other blogs.

Same old thing

Especially on the WordPress theme topics, there are a lot of bloggers that are not put any effort to find new ideas or approach for their list post. Most of the time, there will only make slight changes on the list post’s title without bringing something new to the list post.

For example, if you search through the Google about top WordPress theme and plugins, you will definitely find the results will give you almost the same content’s title. It may have worked well in the past as there are not much such ‘Top’ list posts before.

However, with the rapid growth of WordPress blogs, do think that it will work well?

Solution? It is simple!

To be honest, the solution is really simple. We just need to put ourselves at our readers’ place – What do you think our readers want? What can we help our readers to read through our blog contents faster and easier?

We must not think only about us especially what can make our task easier and faster. We are the one who have chosen to be a blogger – not our readers.

Limit your points and give quick review about it

For the ‘number of points’ problem, it will be better if we control the amount of points that we are going to list down in out blog post. For me, the maximum should be only 10 points especially they are not ‘proper points’ – only links that will lead others to other blogs.

If there is need to put more than 10 points in your list post, it would be readers-friendly if you can make into few posts i.e. series rather just dumped it into a single post. Through this, it will not make the post to be lengthy and annoying for your readers as most of blogs in the internet fail to realise.

Your readers will also be happy while reading your list post if you can give quick review or short details for each point as it will give them quick idea of what is that particular point is all about. For me, it can be very frustrated to read list post that only contains links and pictures.

Be more specific and let’s think outside the box

For the second problem, the solution is way simpler. You just have to think deeper and more specific on the list post that you plan to publish. For example, rather just make a list post on best WordPress theme; it will be more unique if you can make a list post for the sub categories for WordPress theme such as for Online Store WordPress themes, Classified Site WordPress themes or even the worst looking WordPress themes.

By making list posts that are more specific and unique, you can easily be ‘seen’ by your potential blog readers. Your blog then can easily get huge publicity and buzz on the trend that you have created and followed by others.

Do not follow trend – Be the one who start and create the trend.

What now?

It is up to you to decide whether you want your blog to be the one who keep following others and the trends or the one who decide the trends. If you fail to solve the two biggest problems of list post, you will just get the low and lack of quality incoming traffics which will not be your loyal and great blog readers.

Be the one who create the trend and you will definitely make huge buzz in the internet and social site especially!

Does the two points of problems of list post have valid arguments and what do you think the best way to solve them? Feel free to share your thoughts and share your opinions. Written by: http://huzzer.com