3 Free Tools to Help You Nail Your Next Presentation

Let’s face it. Solid, dynamic, well-planned and creatively executed presentations are what really sell ideas. Whether you are preparing for a meeting with a potential investor or pitching your service to a prospect, taking the time to create a memorable presentation can tip you over the edge to success.

Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs, there are two factors that always seem to get in the way of developing presentations that generate tremendous results: time and money. While it may be hard to eliminate both factors in your quest to create a presentation that fuels a sale, there are three free tools savvy presenters are starting to take advantage of that are beginning to generate more compelling, interesting, persuasive messages than Microsoft PowerPoint ever could.


Created with the intention of ridding the world of boring, linear presentations, Prezi offers a very dynamic and rich method of presenting information on a large canvas.  Providing a surface for rich text and embedded images, you are able to zoom in and out to show how concepts relate to one another within the presentation. The interface is simple and intuitive, and offers the ability for users to record their presentation sequence.


Want to incorporate a quick video into your next presentation but just don’t have the time to orchestrate the effort? If you haven’t checked it out already, Animoto is a fantastic resource for quickly throwing together an artistic compilation of pictures, video clips, and music. You can make as many 30 second clips as you’d like for free, but longer videos cost $3 individually, or they have a subscription for $5 per month. If you are looking to impress with a minimal budget, I would definitely suggest to check this out!


Have some data that you want to convey? Searching for an original way to present it? I would suggest trying out Daytum, a free, customizable web page that allows you to display a newspaper style outlay of your facts and figures. One solid way to incorporate this into your presentation could be to offer your audience a breakdown of key takeaways to remember.

Can you think of any additional online presentation tools that would help your fellow entrepreneurs the next time they present?