More Facebook Friends Means Less

1,000 friends! 2,000 friends!! 3,000!!! You would think that the more Facebook friends you have the more friends you have in real life. Guess what? It’s probably the opposite.

I know it might not be intuitive but usually people who have few friends on Facebook are those who have close relationships with other people in real life. As opposed to those with many Facebook friends who don’t have close relationships to other people.*

So next time you click “add as friend” take a minute to think. Are they really your friend? Does adding +1 to you friend count really change anything? Does accepting some random persons “friend request” really make you more popular?


If you agree with what I’ve said check these Facebook groups out.
“The more friends you have on Facebook the less you have in real life”

“For those of who you who believe that the more friends you have on Facebook, the less you have in real life. Or for those of you who want to prove that you have friends. Honestly, we don’t care if you join or not. We aren’t Facebook w*****.”

“Less is More: Quality of facebook friends over Quantity
“The brainchild of Jane and Amy in opposition to indiscriminate friend accumulation on facebook. We do not need to be Paris Hilton, nor do we want to be Paris Hilton.”

Facebook Dump

Just don’t forget, don’t add anyone in that group as your friend!

*Disclaimer: these are only my thoughts none of this is scientifically proven. And I am sorry if anyone was offended in any way.