10 Reasons Why I Love eBay

One of my first posts on this blog was about my frustrations with eBay and why eBay sucks. I decided it’s now time to balance things out. Here are some reasons why I love eBay for sellers and buyers.


Great Business

eBay selling is a classic way to start a business. It’s relatively easy, requiring being able to read tutorials and a few resources. All you need is a computer, internet, boxes, a printer, ruler, scale and “stuff” and you’re ready to launch your business.

Side Income

Looking to make a few bucks on the side, here and there? You could try some odd jobs, blogging, working in a restaurant or just selling some of your belongings that are lying around on eBay.

Experience and Lessons

Aside from financial benefits, eBay can provide you with valuable experience. I mainly learned about customer relations, sales and promotion.


Starting an e-commerce business at 14 would never have been possible for me without the existence of eBay. It provides an incredible playing field thats open to everyone who’s interested.


It’s surprisingly stimulating to watch your auctions play out. At first it may go slowly with only a few bids but towards the end, with a few hours left, it goes crazy. Buyers enter “bidding wars”, raising the price every second, making you sit on the edge of your desk chair.


The One Cent Phenomenon

The greatest items that I’ve ever discovered on eBay were the ones priced at one cent with free shipping. After filtering for a long time, I found a few items, such as iPod and phone cases that were being sold from China at exactly a penny. Meaning that I could buy a whopping 100 for only one dollar!

Huge Market

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find anything you’re looking for. There’s such a massive and vast array of items that almost everything in existence is there.

Crazy Finds

If you’re looking for a laugh, sometimes eBay is the place to go to. Here are some of the craziest things I’ve seen for sale: The internet, a UFO detector, the meaning of life, a Russian space shuttle, a real shrunken head, a vampire killer, a Falcon Missile, a tattoo of you. Check out Dumb Auctions or Auction Humor for more.

It’s Fun!

Buying on eBay may not be as fun as shopping at Target or Gap, but its certainly more fun than shopping on Amazon or Buy.com. Auctions simply are way more fun than just purchasing. It brings competition and suspense into buying.

eBay Bucks

Register for eBay Bucks free and you’ll receive 2% of each purchase you make in credit. Combine that with Bing Cashback (which unfortuntely is ending July 30th) and you could receive another 8% back.

What do you think? Does eBay suck or do you love eBay?