How to Launch a Fitness Center

a lady stretches her legs

There is no time like the present for people to get fit, especially because of the wonderful benefits it can offer everyone.

However, while some people are happy to do a couple of squats in their bedroom while watching Amazon prime, or go on 8 mile long runs as a warm-up, many others like somewhere to go that offers a variety of different fitness classes and options.

This is where fitness centers come in!

If you are a small business providing a fitness center for fanatics and fanatics-to-be, but you want to get your launch right, so you reach the right people – then keep reading to find out some invaluable tips!

Put Together a Strategy

Leaving your launch’s success up to chance with no planning can be a recipe for disaster. Do not go in blind – create yourself a strategy that will help you have the best turnout possible.

This can involve anything from the best opening times, the deals you want to offer, what merch you might have available, what trainers you might need there, and if you are going to have any demonstrations or classes on show.

Everything should be planned, and all plans should have the desired outcome.

Do you want people to sign up on the day?
Do you want people to opt for a yearly contract over a monthly contract?
Do you want people to see your fitness center is inclusive?

Whatever it is – make sure your goals can be met while you are creating your launch plan.

Focus on Outreach

You want the launch of your fitness center to reach ears and eyes that are far and wide and focusing on outreach and marketing campaigns are two of the best ways to do this.

You want to gather as much attention as possible for any launch but targeting your marketing campaigns to your specific demographics on social media can also help you reach the right kind of attention too.

Utilize all different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, and work with collaborators who know how to reflect your brand.


You need incentives to get your desired audience to a launch, otherwise, you are just giving them a reason to ‘check it out another day.

Some great incentives to bring people in can include special discounts and deals if they sign up on the day. This could be one free month membership or a free trial of classes.

You could also hand out some great merch for the first 100 people through the door and make that merch something they would love to use such as a branded towel or water bottle.


Just be sure to use a reputable company for your merch such as, as you want all of your products to reflect the quality of your services.

Launching your new fitness center can be a very exciting time, and the factor that is the most important is that everybody there is comfortable – everything else will follow.