How to Maintain your Blog during Vacation

One major dilemma that small bloggers encounter is vacation. A critical aspect of blogging is supplying content and continuing to maintain the blog. What should a “one man” blogger do during that time to keep up? If no new content is posted and the blogger stops maintaining the site, traffic will go down.However, I think it’s also important for bloggers to take breaks from their blog in order to rejuvanate and come up with new ideas.

Some solutions:

  • Door #1: invite guest bloggers to post in your absence.
  • Door #2: prepare content beforehand and post it quickly during vacation whenever you catch some WiFi time. *Some commenters reminded me that you could schedule posts, which is another solution.
  • Door #3: set aside a portion of your vacation to blog.
  • Door #4: pay somebody to maintain your blog.
  • Door #5: leave your blog without content and watch it lose readers, value and traffic.

My own solution:

Since I’d rather not entirely rely on guest bloggers, and I don’t intend to spend my vacation online, and I want to keep my blog’s readers and value, I’ll go with Door #2. I’ve prepared a few posts that will be ready to quickly post at different points of my vacation and I could schedule them if I know I won’t have WiFi.