How to Learn Entrepreneurship from Twitter

Do you realize that you can get a business education on Twitter? Social media is a great place for learning, and discovering entrepreneurship is no exception. You can find the knowledge you need for success on Twitter if you follow the right steps. Here are just a few of the ways you can learn about entrepreneurship and grow with the help of Twitter.

Read what entrepreneurs are saying

Follow successful entrepreneurs and pay attention to what they are saying. Check out what they share, like blog posts, articles, books, and other information. You’ll find valuable learning resources in the tweets shared by entrepreneurs as well as their links. Here are a few lists of entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter: altgateTwibesListoriousTweepML.

Keep an ear to the ground for opportunities

Twitter can help you find out about opportunities for learning and growing as an entrepreneur before anyone else. Pay attention to Twitter to be among the first to know about webinars, partnerships, networking events, and other opportunities that can open doors to learning and developing as an entrepreneur.

Expose yourself to inspiration

Twitter is a great place to get inspired to do great things. Follow people that are doing something exciting in business, and you’ll find yourself inspired to make something happen yourself.

Read news

You can use Twitter as a news source to find out about events and happenings as they come about. You’ll also be able to use Twitter to learn about websites and conferences, so you’re always in the loop.

Find a mentor

Use Twitter to find a mentor that can help you in your entrepreneurial journey. Follow entrepreneurs and businesspeople that you look up to, and start relationships with them to find the perfect mentor for you.


In addition to finding a mentor, you can find helpful contacts as well. Connect with people who can help you learn more about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Participate in chats

The Twitter community features regularly scheduled chats that are great for entrepreneurs. Check out tags for whatever you’re interested in, like #sba or #smallbusiness, to find out how to get in.

Take notes

Use Twitter to write down ideas and concepts you want to explore. You can also ask questions to your followers, and get insight from the entrepreneurial community.

With the help of Twitter and its users, you can get a healthy entrepreneurial education. Pay attention, interact, and be a part of the community to learn everything you can about entrepreneurship from Twitter.

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