How to Improve your Blog’s Traffic

n this post I will explain how I drive traffic to my site. The list includes 10 ways to boost traffic on your site. I will also show what my blog has achieved in September and what my goals are for October.

How do I drive traffic to my site? 10 tips on how to boost your traffic:


Social media is a must these days. As you build up your follower count you gain marketing power. When you have thousands of followers and you tweet something that includes your blog in it, believe me many people will see it and hopefully click on it.

Business Cards

Design a creative business card that includes your blog.

Guest Posts

Guest posts will always stir up your blog. Find people who write content that is similar to yours and ask them if they are interested in writing for you.


Through Facebook you can create groups, fan pages and share links.

Search engines

Don’t forget to always work on your SEO so that people searching for what you have to offer can find you.
There are some top  notch best SEO tools out there like All in One SEO Pack.”

Direct traffic

Word of mouth also helps sometimes, many people after hearing of your blog will check it out.

Commenting on other blogs

Another way to drive traffic to your site is by commenting on other blogs. Most blogs leave you the option of including your URL so if you leave an interesting comment many people may click on your link. I tend to comment a lot on blogs such as:,,,,,

Exchanging links

Many young bloggers who aren’t pulling in a huge profit are usually willing to exchange links or even ads. If you want to spread your link try contacting other young bloggers. forum

This forum is the place for young entrepreneurs. If you have a question, tip or even want a free website review you can ask here. As long as you include your link in your post or signature people will click on it all the time.

Email list

A great way to get recurring visits is by using an email list. I use, it’s a great way to collect people’s emails and inform them when something big is happening on your blog.

September achievements:

  • Improved my Alexa traffic rank from 2,000,000 to 680,000.
  • Reached 12 comments on one single post.
  • Reached 8 retweets on one single post.
  • Reached a peak of 79 visits in one day
  • Reached a peak of 57 unique visitors in one day
  • Average time on site: 3:23
  • Percent of new visitors: 62.92%
  • Average page views: 1.84

October goals:

  • Improve my Alexa traffic rank to 500,000 or less.
  • Reach over 25 comments on any blog post.
  • Have more than 20 retweets on any post.

If you help me out in any way, whether by subscribing to my feed, retweeting a post, commenting or visiting my site more often, I would appreciate it so much. Everyone who has been doing so until now is amazing!