Are You Being Harassed by Someone Online? Here’s How You Can Get Their Address and Other Details

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Harassment and cyberbullying have become a lot more common ever since the dawn of the internet. While such activities would only happen in one’s own physical vicinity earlier, today, they are seen happening across two ends of the world.

Cybersafety is a crucial concern, and social media platforms have also implemented systems to ensure that users can keep themselves and their data safe on these platforms.

However, despite these measures, harassment and cyberbullying are still far from a thing of the past.

While some people who face such harassment online prefer blocking the harasser and keeping a safe distance from them, others don’t stand for it and take matters into their own hands.

They use address lookup tools and other sources to get all the information they possibly can before reporting the perpetrators to the police. This article explains how address lookup tools work and how effective they can be in such a situation.

If you want to deal with a harasser but don’t know how to, this guide will give you tips and tricks to safeguard yourself and get all the information you need on the person. Read on to find out more.

3 Effective Ways to Find Someone’s Address

Run a Google Search

Google is the world’s largest search engine and is the source of most information across the world today.

It has replaced the older days of the books and encyclopedia, which often required a thorough search to find the answer to your question.

Now, all you need to do is type in a specific query, mean and you’ll have your answer in seconds.

This efficiency makes it the perfect starting point if you want some information on someone who’s been harassing you online.

Google indexes all social media accounts of people, so if you know the person who’s been harassing you, all you need to do is google their name, along with any other potential information like where they live, and you should be able to get an answer.

This is how your search query can look like

google search engine

With a search query like this, you’re bound to get more focused information, thereby saving your time in a potentially dangerous situation.

However, note that while Google does have a massive bank of information, finding information on individuals who don’t have much of a social media presence can prove challenging.

However, if this person were to be associated with a reputable organization, for example, finding information about them can be much easier.

Regardless, running a Google search is the first thing you can do in such a situation.

Check Social Media Profiles

Sometimes, when someone harasses you, and you end up blocking them, they don’t often think to block you on all potential social media platforms.

Their ideas remain focused on the one on which the harassment took place. This gives you a chance to glean as much information as possible from their accounts on other social media platforms.

Think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, even though that’s a professional networking platform.

Say, for instance, the harassment took place on Facebook, and while you might have immediately blocked them there, you can immediately look for their profile on Instagram or Twitter.

Unless they’ve blocked you on those too, or they have a private account (on Instagram), you should be able to get some information about them, or even take screenshots of their pictures to make it easier to recognize them if you need to share all this information with the police.

If these two platforms don’t work out, you can also try LinkedIn. Being a professional network, it’s not often that someone would make their account private on it, and chances also are that they have all their information and history documented on their profile.

So, if you need to get details like their full name, email address, phone number, employment history, and more, you can try checking their LinkedIn profile.

As a side note, always remember that the more friends you have doesn’t always mean you have more in life. In fact, in situations like these, more Facebook friends means less.

Use a Reverse Address or Phone Lookup Tool

If none of the two options mentioned above yield any results, the next thing you can do is to try using a reverse address or phone lookup tool.

These are online versions of the older directories that people used to use whenever they needed information about a certain business or store in their vicinity.

These online tools have a large database of information through which you can get someone’s phone number, email ID, address, birthday, and more. Two examples of such reverse address lookup tools are Whitepages and Infotracer.

They have massive databases that can give you information about people living not only in the USA but also across the world.

As a result, this makes them the perfect source for information on a harasser before you file an official complaint against them or report their behavior.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the internet has brought with it an effect that isn’t always the best. The harassment continues to be a real problem that millions face across the world, and it’s only been made easier by the anonymity that the internet provides.

If you’re a parent, you’d never want your child to face something like this, and the best way to ensure their safety is through the use of phone tracking apps.

If you want to use one to ensure that your kids are safe, websites like research the best in the market so you can make a smart decision.

Always keep yourself safe, and get to know how the law supports you so that you never have to deal with a situation like this in fear or silence.

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