WhyUnified.com Dropshipping Office Meets Employee Centricity

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The team at Why Unified has had one major goal: to improve drop shippers’ lives. In so doing, the executive team works incredibly hard to take care of their employees by promoting excellent physical and mental health.

Take a virtual tour of their headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, where they go out of their way to provide a safe and productive culture that helps their employees thrive.

The Office As A Whole


Upon stepping through the doors of Why Unified’s Clearwater office, it’s immediately evident that the team has spared no expense in providing a workspace that is comfortable and accommodating. The massive office spans more than 5,000 square feet, and employees are free to move around on employer-provided mini-scooters!

The wide-open spaces promote transparency and teamwork, which means everyone – from those in entry-level positions to the higher-ups – works together throughout the day to share ideas, address concerns, and most importantly, solve their clients’ biggest problems when it comes to their dropshipping businesses.

The huge space is brightly lit by more than just modern lighting fixtures; floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of brilliant sunshine to flood the entire area. The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina found that while slightly blue light can boost productivity, it simply cannot compare to the benefits associated with natural sunlight.

Natural light – especially during the early morning and late afternoon hours – decreases depression, improves mood, boosts energy, and sparks creativity.

Employee Workstations

employee workstations

Whereas many office environments keep their employees sequestered in cubicles, this is certainly not the case at Why Unified’s Clearwater office. Though individual offices certainly do exist, everyone on the team spends most of the day out in the main area, where groups of four employees work closely with one another without walls to hinder the teamwork.

The conference room is large enough to host much of the workforce, and employees are encouraged to utilize that space to brainstorm with their teams.

Every employee’s workstation features Herman Miller standing tables and ergonomic chairs for comfort throughout the day. The 50-inch curved Samsung monitors are designed to reduce eye fatigue and neck strain, while the ergonomic keyboards keep chronic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome at bay.

Why Unified also provides its staff with computers that move at the speed of thought; the Dell XPS desktops with the latest i7 or i9 processor technology are used for virtually every task, whether it’s IT support or Why Unified’s beloved customer service.

Physical and Mental Health Initiatives

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Why Unified takes its employees’ physical and mental health very seriously. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knows that healthy employees are far more productive, and they regularly advocate for workplace health programs.

Why Unified provides its employees with access to ping pong tables and pool tables to encourage physical activity, as well as to provide them with a space to forget about the workday long enough to enjoy a quick and friendly game with a colleague.

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Mental health is another major concern, and the Why Unified office has been designed with its employees’ happiness and safety in mind.

Secure biometric entry at every door ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed inside the building, and the open dining room area encourages employees to mingle and chat. The open spaces also benefit mental health by facilitating social interactions throughout the day.

The Result

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Numerous modern and successful organizations that consider teamwork and collaboration critical have experimented with open office spaces.

From Google and Apple to Facebook and even Microsoft, they have discovered that cross-collaboration is one of the most important ways to foster innovation and creativity, especially in the tech space.

Why Unified knows that its employees are at the very heart of its success as a business, and they work hard to build and maintain an employee-centric business culture as a result.

The benefits of this shine through in Why Unified’s continued success as a leading dropshipping and marketing platform that’s easy enough for everyone to use.