Consider These Gifts for Your Employees, if Moving Back to a Remote Office

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When it comes to your distance workforce, gift-giving may not be as simple as taking the team out to lunch but is definitely worth the effort.

Consider These Gifts for Your Employees, if Moving Back to a Remote Office

Along with bringing joy and excitement to your employees’ lives, giving them gifts can be a great way to help them create a good setup or amplify a good environment.

In turn, it can help them save time, inspire them, help them relax or re-energize and promote their health and wellness.

The best gifts for remote employees highlight to the employee that even though they aren’t able to be around you and make an impression every day, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t.

Put some thought and effort into these gifts to display this, but make sure to keep them fun and practical still.

As a remote company, you don’t get as many opportunities to make an impression and express your company’s culture to your employees, and fun and practical gifts are a great way to do this. So who are you buying for?

For the Employee That Can Never Get Comfortable at Their Desk

Consider a soft and stylish pair of socks that are perfect for work time and wine time alike, and an inscribed desk nameplate to make them feel proud and sturdy in their position mentally or a cute chair cushion or rug for their workspace if you know their style preferences and needs well enough!

 For the Employee That Always Makes You Wait a Minute on Calls While They Find Something to Write With

Consider funny sticky notes, a noteworthy notepad, a set of personalized pencils, or even all of the above in order to create a thoughtful, inexpensive, and easy-to-ship gift packed with goodies.

For the Employee Who Can’t Focus at Home

Consider a white noise machine to help them cut through the silence, a good pair of headphones or earbuds to help them reduce excessive noise, or a whiteboard (or digital assistant, if your company can afford it) to catch all of the good thoughts before they go fleeting again.

For the Employee Who Is Always Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Consider a new webcam if they are the one who always has video turned off during Zoom meetings, a new router if they’re always dropping their connection to you or if it’s feasible, even a new device like a phone, tablet, or laptop.

For the Employee Who Doesn’t Have a Good Setup

Consider a gift card to help them pick up the slack where they’re lacking, like Homesense for furniture and decor, Staples for supplies,  or even something like a prepaid Visa to use anywhere if you know your employee doesn’t comply with conventional tastes.

Along with this, standard pieces like a desk riser to convert a sitting desk to a standing one when they desire, a quality office chair, or a good planner/organizer to keep them on track, are always good ideas!

For the Employee Who Is Also a Perfectionist, or Always Overthinking Every Move

Consider a subscription to a software that will help them through their processes, like Grammarly to help them write correspondences more efficiently, Loom to help them express themselves and problem-solve more efficiently, or simply the best-on-the-market software for what they do.

For the Employee Who’s Lonely at Home

Consider novelty gifts that make remote employees smile as if the team were together, and show them that you understand their quirks and sense of being.

From tote bags with sassy sayings that suit their personality to snarky candles that speak to them (and still smell sweet), there is no wrong answer when it comes to novelty gifts — but the more personal the better!

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For the Employee Who Has Concerns about the Shift Back to Their Remote Office

Consider easing their mind and allowing it to focus on better things with small but significant gifts like webcam privacy covers or VPN services.

For the Employee Who’s Always Sipping on Something

Consider a water bottle, travel tumbler, or a travel mug — especially if they always have a specialty beverage in hand, as it means they can go get it filled at their place of choice and bring it home for the day to work!

Along with this, a gift card or membership at their favorite cafe or restaurant will amplify this gift tenfold.

Drinks and tech don’t make a good combination, though, so consider making this a whole gift bundle by including a clip-on cup holder for their desk!

 For the Employee Who Considers Snacking a Part of Their Job Duties

Consider: paying forward a subscription to a monthly snack box service. With so many choices available in this area, it’s possible to pick the perfect subscription whether you know their snacking quirks and preferred niches or not!

For the Employee Who Misses the Office Cleaners More Than Anyone or Anything Else

Considers small but significant gifts like crumb cleaners, keyboard vacuums, keyboard gels, and air blowers to help your employee avoid any negative effects to their productivity from a messy environment.

Avoid getting entirely consumed by cleaning, by doing a quick and efficient clean whenever they feel the need.

For the Employee Who Values and Focuses on Their Health and Wellness

Consider acknowledging that this is a challenge when working remotely, providing any help that you can, and encouraging their efforts.

This can be done with gifts like a fitness tracker or movement reminder to keep the balance they strive for, scent-focused items to help them set the mood or clear their mind depending on what they’re doing, a nonintrusive yoga mat, or cute compression socks to encourage good circulation if they sit at a desk all day or a small plant to reduce stress and create a better work environment.

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For Every Employee — For a Million Reasons

While there’s a lot that your employees don’t have to deal with now that they work from the comfort of their own homes, the tradeoffs may not be totally beneficial in all areas for all employees.

In their home office or work from home setting, your remote employee is more likely to struggle with issues involving their desk space, privacy, time management, discipline and motivation, technical difficulties or deficiencies, and more.


Corporate gifts to celebrate your teams’ achievements and ability to handle this shift are always welcomed and helpful, though! So from socks to softwares, help your employees get set up in their space, boost their mood and improve your company culture!