Building Backlinks: A 2020 Guide for Every Entrepreneur

building backlinks

A backlink refers to the connection created when a website connects to another. Also referred to as incoming/ inbound links, backlinks are vital for search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization on the other hand, is vital to garner organic website traffic to your website. Organic traffic is definitely a prospective path to new conversions, namely new potential customers eager to know more about your services and brand. If you’re a true entrepreneur you will know that this is for sure the best way to receive exposure,  persuade your target audience to give your business a shot, and firmly establish yourself into the industry, and grow!

Going back to backlinks, they are without a doubt, amongst the best-ranking factors. It is important to note that there is a direct correlation between website traffic and the quality of backlinks. To get more favorable rankings and attract a greater volume of traffic, you must find ways of getting more trustworthy websites connected to your site.

It is ultimately crucial to your backlink building strategy that you approach highly trustworthy websites, because over time, the backlinks will establish your business as trustworthy and of high authority. Credibility is the key to successful entrepreneurship!

It is also important to pay attention to your rankings on Google. You may not be aware that when crawling through the World Wide Web, the giant search engine mainly looks for backlinks connected to your site. There are numerous factors that affect ranking, and Google’s changing algorithms do not make those factors any more comprehensive.               However, incoming links are undoubtedly the most significant metric for search engine optimization.

Needless to say, although there are the highly comprehensive basics of SEO, it is not easy to build quality backlinks, but this should not necessarily be the case. As a matter of fact, there are excellent methods of earning incoming traffic from quality backlinks to your enterprise. Getting quality backlinks is definitely not impossible, and this article walks you through some easy to implement methods to do so:

  1. The Broken-link technique

This method works flawlessly when building one-way links. It involves requesting a webmaster to file reports whenever they encounter broken links on their website. Additionally, you recommend alternative sites that can take its place, and further mention that your website, in particular, can be a perfect replacement for the broken links.

This is a highly reputable backlink building method amongst the ultimate hotshots, such as Forbes, The Entrepreneur, The New York Times etc. I could not stress enough that tracking broken links in these sites is highly recommended and prospective. This method’s unparalleled success rate is rooted in the very fact that it would be very compromising for these sites’ authority to contain links that link back to basically nothing. Thus, don’t hesitate to professionally approach them, they will welcome new relevant suggestions with open arms!  

  1. Give donations

Did you know that inbound links can be earned by simply giving donations to charities and/ or non- profit organizations? Donating is among the most straightforward and efficient methods of earning backlinks.

Look for sites that allow donations from strangers and in turn create connections to donor sites, submit the amount and make sure that your site’s URL is clearly indicated. If you ever decide to go with this method, the most efficient and, well, ethical way to do this, is to pick a cause you feel very strongly about, search for sites that welcome donations from strangers, donate a generous amount if your business’s budget allows, and watch your search engine rankings crawl up like never before.

  1. Never underestimate the power of infographics

If you didn’t know already, in the world of SEO there is little to no doubt that infographics are among the most effective methods of attracting traffic to a site and earning quality backlinks. One of the reasons why infographics are so popular is due to the fact that they can be understood and even shared with no difficulty. It is easy to fall in love with data, especially when presented in a visual format.

Your infographics should be cautiously chosen. Make sure that each consists of unique and captivating content for the target audience. With adequate SEO training, you can effectively implement this technique. Another advantage of infographics, is that they don’t require huge chunks of text like guest posts do.  It’s enough for you to incorporate your link in a non- fishy way amongst other pieces of information, and present the data and content in a way that will be visually pleasing for your target audience.

  1. Get in touch with highly- regarded bloggers and journalists

In order to build links that connect to your site, spreading the gospel about your business is necessary. Contacting reputable bloggers and journalists who specialize in your niche can be a very effective method. Tools such as Voilanorbert and Emailfinder can help you get their email addresses.

  1. Make use of guest articles

Did you know that guest writing can help you reach out to new audiences with great ease? Publishing content on other authoritative websites can help you interact with absolutely new readers and also win lots of exposure. Undergoing SEO training can help you write countless articles with ease.

With the help of guest blogging, you can not only establish new relationships but also expand your target audience. Consider the fact that Google- a giant search engine- accepts contributions from guest writers on her blog (Google Analytics Blog).

  1. Write testimonials

You can build inbound links by simply writing testimonials for any of the sites that you routinely visit. Even though this would only take a few minutes, chances of earning quality links from home pages of reputable websites are very high. With proper SEO training, coming up with exceptional testimonials would be a walk in the park.


  1. Find out what competitors are doing

Anyone who seriously wants to attract additional organic traffic must remain cognizant of their competitors’ online marketing techniques. For instance, you can spy on them on Facebook and other social media to find out what they do to earn backlinks.

To achieve this objective, you can allow the platform to let you know whenever competitors publish any new content. Additionally, you can find out the nature of incoming links created by competitors and when they do it.

  1. Promote your web content

Content cannot earn you incoming links unless or until you first find ways of promoting it, the content’s exceptionality notwithstanding. It is mandatory to get out of your bunker and carry out adequate email outreach so as to promote the articles. It may also be necessary to go through SEO training.

Getting in touch with bloggers and/ or websites who publish roundups every week or month can be an effective strategy. Make use of Google by looking for inquiries such as keyword + roundup, among others.

  1. Create internal links

They are an important element needed for running a flourishing blog. Internal links are essentially passing connecting juice, and they allow the use of anchor texts. A proper internal linking structure can enable site users to navigate through without difficulty and also enhance general user experience. Those who run WordPress can make use of a variety of tools that automatically develop internal links. However, this ought to be done manually. To improve Search Engine Optimization and usability, internal links on every page should not exceed 100 in number.