Ultimate Book Giveaway – Linchpin and Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

I’ve decided to give away two incredible books that have greatly influenced me: Linchpin and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

Linchpin – Seth Godin

I was lucky enough to receive two copies of Linchpin. After reading it I decided that I had to give the same opportunity to one of my readers. Godin writes about your choices, your future and your potential to make a difference in your field. He describes linchpins as essential building blocks in organizations, artists, creative workers. This book teaches you how to become one of them.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – Mike Michalowicz

Hilarious, enjoyable, educational and clever are just a few ways to describe this book in which Michalowicz compares becoming an entrepreneur to wiping ones behind. His “get real” approach to business will benefit you tremendously.

Interested in reading them yourself? Just leave a comment below and you’re entered…

The winner of each book will be chosen at random on Thursday, June 3rd. The winners will be contacted by email and announced on Twitter.

The contest is officialy over. Check out the winners on Twitter.