The Story


Hi. I’m Jeff Wiener

I’m going to show you how to launch a business, improve profits, and ultimately, how to create wealth.

I’ve built many businesses over my career, all from the ground up. I’ve also sold businesses.

I started my largest business in 1991, ran the company for almost 28-years, built it to a 50-person operation, and sold the company in 2017 to private equity for 8-figures.

I’ve also bought and sold apartments throughout my career, and I am still active in real estate. I bought my first apartment building, 21-units, at the depths of the 2008 economic recession.  I’ve since bought and sold multiple buildings, and today, I own 3 buildings with a combined total of approximately 50-apartments.

I am now semi-retired,  and spend time helping entrepreneurs with their business, I sit on multiple boards, both for-profit and not-for-profit, manage my real estate and investment portfolio and manage my private equity holdings.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed.  I do that by writing blog articles with topics like:  how to build a business, how to manage staff, how to create wealth and the subtle nuances of business building and wealth creation.

There’s an expression I learned many years ago … “if you look after your pennies then the dollars will look after themselves“.

The expression is true. What’s more important though, is not how well you save, but how much you earn, and then, and maybe even more importantly, how you invest.

What Are The Steps to Create Wealth?

Sure, you can penny save your way to moderate levels of wealth, but in order to reach epic heights of wealth, the top 1%, requires a strategic earning and investing mentality that few understand.

And that’s what I write about on this blog. 

  • How to build a business and some of the entrepreneurial challenges that small business owners face 
  • How to grow your business to profitability, and then, how to maximize profitability
  • How to think like a millionaire
  • How to strategically invest your capital to protect your wealth, maximize your returns and find uncorrelated assets.

Some blog posts to get you started:

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So join me on your business and wealth-creating journey. You can subscribe to the blog to receive updates as we publish new content.