7 Fun Activities Every Entrepreneur can Do to Relieve Stress

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Being an entrepreneur can be stressful. Fortunately, there are many ways you can manage your stress levels.

Moreover, going out of the office can be beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.

If you are a business owner who’s in search of ways to relieve stress, here are some fun activities you might want to try:


1. Hiking

Weekends often provide you a chance to unplug and destress, placing aside your responsibilities. It allows you to break out of your rut and go on a mini-adventure, such as hiking.

Moreover, walking allows you to improve your productivity.

Good for you if you can hike in the Grand Canyon or the Appalachian Trails. If not, a short day hike will suffice. Just make sure to bring your trusty hiking poles to maintain balance and stability.

Besides, hiking also helps you realize how vast and beautiful the world is, and there are no limits to how much you can explore.


2. Boxing

Boxing and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, like pitches and elevators.

You can easily imagine that bag in front of you is the investor who recently turned you down.

Moreover, boxing’s circuit-like training is excellent in shedding off those extra pounds as well as in muscle building.

So, why not take the time to scour the local gym in your area and enroll in a boxing class?


3. Weight Lifting

Many people aren’t aware of this, but do you know that weight lifting helps train the mind?

There’s scientific evidence that supports this data. That’s because, in the majority of weight lifting sessions, there’s often a period that requires intense focus followed by rest.

This focus-rest pattern helps train your mind so that it can work in its optimal state.

Imagine having to go from one meeting to another. You can have intense focus during the session while resting your mind during breaks.

Doing so allows you mentally unwind so you will not be floating during your next meeting.


4. Yoga

According to Occupational Medicine, having a daily yoga regimen in workplaces can help reduce stress, physical issues, and mood swings.

Ideally, every entrepreneur out there, big or small, should practice some downtime of some sort. Doing so helps relieve stress, let go of negative emotions, and generally let go of things that one doesn’t control.

If you tried yoga and didn’t like it before, maybe all you need is to find the right yoga style and instructor. Perhaps it’s yin yoga, Hatha, aerial yoga, rock and roll yoga, or no matter what rocks your boat.

You might want to commit to a new class or instructor to help find your fit.


5. Fishing

According to a British Journal of Sports Medicine study, being outside in nature allows you to notice your environment. It also helps you improve your ability to concentrate.

Heading outdoors or just spending some time under the leafy trees can relax your brain. Thus, improving your concentration levels.

In the same way, fishing helps you unplug. So, leave your computer and emails behind, and let your eyes rest on the soft sparkling water.

Do you know that fishing also works out your main muscle groups and gives your lungs and heart a good workout?

Picking a fishing spot that’s a 10-15 minute walk from your car is an excellent aerobic exercise boost.

Moreover, setting up, casting off, and then winding down fish requires muscle strength. It engages the back, arms, shoulders, core, legs for a more active workout.


6. Swimming

Swimming is one of the safest and lightest forms of physical activity as it is less strenuous.

It’s soft on the joints, and it gives the body a great workout.

Many big box gyms feature a pool great for lap swimming and free swims. You might also want to take swimming classes if you need a refresher or if you have never learned to swim in the first place.



High-intensity interval training is precisely like its name. You have to do a high-intensity activity for a short period before moving on to the next activity after a short rest period.

The best thing about it is that it has various options to pick from like army crawls to jumping jacks. You can even create your HIIT schedule.

Moreover, experts are saying that HIIT is an excellent activity for fat loss.


Final Word

The most successful entrepreneurs do not bury themselves with work. They take the weekends off so they can rest and relax their mind.

Doing so ensures that they will remain productive during workdays. It also prevents burn out.

Gone are the days of workaholic CEOs. These days, entrepreneurs should take the time to explore the great outdoors or catch up on sleep.

And if you are looking for the best ways to spend the weekend, the activities listed above can be a great start.