5 Simple Ways To Become A Connected Network Marketer

Are you connected?

I grew up in New Jersey. I spent some time living in Staten Island. I heard about lots of guys that were connected. Never knew them personally, but when I heard “connected” I thought 2 things: Uh Oh, and Power. Let’s focus on power today.

Now you don’t have to be engaged in a semi-questionable business venture to be connected. The players in every industry are connected, network marketing being one of these industries.

Being connected is where it’s at. As more than one entrepreneur has stated business is all about knowing people. The more networks you tap into the more your presence expands.

Network marketers know this well. This is a people business. Connect with players and your reputation grows quickly.

The cool thing about network marketing is that it’s relatively simple to get connected. Becoming friends with someone is not rocket science. The challenge lies in the fact that most of us are taught to think about ourselves first. We’re not necessarily selfish; it’s just that “Me, me, me” is programmed into our minds from an early age. Ya gotta look out for yourself, ya know, because nobody else is going to.

This line of thinking is poisonous to the mindset of an entrepreneur. How far you get is predicated on how much you help fellow entrepreneurs. Read that line again. You can offer an awesome product and tremendous value to your prospects but unless you’re willing to network with your piers the chances of making it big are slim and none.

Billionaires never do it on their own. They have mentors as well as a strong support system. Napoleon Hill speaks of the world changers maintaining a mastermind alliance. If Bill Gates and J.D. Rockefeller established a mastermind you should too. To do this you must become connected.

Since following these steps I’ve seen my opt-in’s triple on some days. Business has improved dramatically, my blog readership has jumped and Facebook and twitter accounts are humming. Yeah, I’m getting connected.

To become a connected network marketer follow these simple steps.

RT Early And Often

Retweeting is so easy. Not on twitter yet? It’s tough for you to be a don if you don’t tweet. Sign up for an account. Find people who are influential in your industry. Retweet the heck out of their work. Some will take notice immediately, others over time. It doesn’t matter. It’s not about you! It’s about connecting with the big dogs. They might tweet your work or visit your blog. These are the seedlings of what is potentially a valuable relationship. Connection!

Facebook Share

Facebook share is FB’s answer to the retweet. Most of the players provide an FB share chicklet on their blog. After reading the post and commenting – we’ll discuss that one next – don’t think twice about whether you should share it. Just do it.

Friend the fellow entrepreneur on FB. As they see you sharing their blog posts again and again there’s a good chance they could do the same for you if your content is up to snuff. Even if your work isn’t exceptional your buddy might share it or give you pointers on how to improve your skills. Yeah, you’re getting connected.

Your Comment, Please

If you read a solid blog post comment on it. Craft a thoughtful, valuable comment. The goal is to add value to the post. Make an impression on your fellow blogger. Provide useful insight.

If you want to get connected a comment Drive-By is not going to cut it. I know that Al Capone was connected but he didn’t make too many friends spraying rivals with a Tommy Gun while cruising down the block. You’re doing the network marketer equivalent of Capone’s hair-parting with a “Nice post good job gotta go on to get my next backlink!” piece of work.

Commenting is like giving props. The Godfather knew how to return a favor and many of the connected network marketers know how to do the same. Expect to see a jump in your blog readership and comments after adhering to this practice for a short period of time.

Please, Be My Guest Post

When Ben recently asked me to guest post I was on it. The first time he asked me to guest post I shot him an article the following day. I’m around 10 guest posts and look forward to bumping that number up over the next few months.

Guest posting is an awesome way to get connected. If a blogger is willing to give up some of their choice real estate to you there’s a good shot you can build a lasting relationship with them. You can tap into a whole different network while learning from an exceptional fellow entrepreneur.

Be Sociable!

This is the most simple tip. Be nice. I smile a lot. People seem to like that. I have a naturally disarming personality. This removes the barriers which a less friendly person has to get through before building a solid relationship with another network marketer.

Before I knew what the heck I was doing many doors were opened to me because I was a laid-back, nice dude. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be polite, kind and out to help people. Sociable people can get connected quickly.

How have you become connected? Feel free to share below.