5 Great Backlinks Building Methods

Link building is the major secret to high rankings and it is also one of the most effective aspects of SEO. Below are some effective link building methods to help you achieve high search engine rankings.

Although this a guest post, I, Ben Lang, would like to apologize and explain why there have been no new posts for a full week. I haven’t had power at home for 5 days which delayed my blogging and school work. So sorry!

Blog Commenting

Commenting! Commenting! Commenting! Just comment, try to visit as many dofollow blogs as possible, make valuable comments and your link will stay. While blog commenting is a link building method, it is also very important to know that most major search engines do not regard nofollow links as links, in fact nofollow links don’t pass Page Rank and they also have no effect on anchor texts so if you only want backlinks then comment on dofollow blogs only.

Forum Backlinks

There are many ways to gain relevant backlinks from forums, but the best option is to give a freebie because many posts in forums linking to another website that is not a freebie might eventually get deleted. Try to give value on the forum, give lots of freebies and also have a lot of friends and only post valuable content relevant to your website. It is also very important not to post links to your site only because this makes you look like a spammer but try to post link to so many other valuable content on the web. It is also important not to neglect your forum signature, try to use them effectively; don’t put too much unrelated links.

Article Submission

Write quality articles and submit them to article directories, but when doing, this the advice I will give you is that don’t try to submit to all article directories because most of them are nofollow and most of them even don’t allow usage of anchor texts. Try to look for quality article directories that are dofollow and allow anchor texts most especially in the middle of the article, and also, don’t try to spam them.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking site is the future of the web, and whether you like it now social bookmarking sites will have large influence on the web. Try to use social bookmarking sites effectively, submit your posts regularly, have as many friends as possible and you will begin to see results. Social bookmarking sites also helps your website indexed quickly; it can help your website indexed in less than 24 hours if properly done.

Guest Posting

Like I am doing now, try to guest post for so many bloggers. Guest blogging has lots of flexibilities, aside it bringing direct traffic from the bloggers website, it also avails you the ability to use the anchor text of your choice. Guest posting is also very important because many of the bloggers you guest post for have high pagerank sites and sooner or later your post to will have high pagerank which will eventually flow to your site. Also note that when guest posting you have to write valuable content and don’t overload your website with links because many bloggers (like me) will not accept rubbish on their blogs.

The above are 5 great tips for building backlinks to your website; try to utilize them effectively and the results will be awesome.