10 Free Ways to Attract News Reporters to You

Getting press is an essential part of building a business and often will provide the traction needed to get a business off the ground. It worked for me: my initial TV interview gave me the confidence and the visibility to start this blog and expand my eBay business. Well-funded companies will use the service of a PR agency to get press, but if you’re like me—you don’t have investors or much capital—you may have to use free resources. Below are 10 methods you might find useful to generate buzz about your business:

1.HARO – Help A Reporter Out

HARO connects reporters and sources. Use it to your advantage and receive free PR.

2. Forums

Attract news reporters by contributing to forums. Reporters often scan forums to find experts to interview or for new article ideas.

3. Call Your Local News Channel

Local news channels are always looking for interesting stories. Call them and give them your story. Who knows? They might just end up stopping by.

4. Connections

Ask someone in your network, i.e. a mentor, coach or family member, if they know a journalist. Even if they don’t work in a field related to your business, they might be able to connect you. One connection with a reporter or anchor could land you an excellent interview.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is how I got interviewed on Channel 12. Local news reporters saw my post on Craigslist offering my eBay services, called me, and came over to set up an interview.

6. Submit A Free Press Release

There are great sites out there to submit press releases to, such as i-Newswire and Free Press Release. Use press releases to inform journalists, not to sell to them.

7. Write Expert Articles

Share your knowledge and experience in posts around the web. Make it easy for people who are interested in contacting you by leaving your contact info at the end each one.

8. Submit A News Tips

Submit your story on news sites, blogs etc. Sites such as CNN and Mashable accept tips and are always looking for interesting stories.

9. Newsletters

Start your own online or offline newsletter. It’s a superb way of getting your name out there. Branding yourself and sharing your knowledge is always the best way to connect with reporters.

10. Start off with Blog Interviews

Being interviewed on TV isn’t always the best and easiest place to start with. Try getting yourself interviewed on other blogs first and move your way up as you go. Here are my tips on how to do so.