Writing a Mission Statement for Your Business Plan

Posted on February 13, 2014

Knowing what your business’s mission is will help you create a focused business plan and get you closer to the funding you need to get your company started. As a key tool in your business plan, a statement of mission can quickly capture your business goals and underlying philosophies. It also introduces your business to the community and shows your employees, suppliers, and customers what your business is all about. It is what you intend for your business to become and what you want to accomplish, according to the writers at BizPlanIt. When you sit down to write your mission statement, it can help to look at the statements of some successful companies to spark your creativity.

Finding the Right Words

To write a mission statement that encompasses what your business is about, you need to make sure you know what you want your business to be. If you are in the process of writing your business plan, you should already know what your business niche is. To help you discover your mission, there are some essential questions you need to answer. You need to figure out who your customers are, what products or services you are going to sell, how you differ from your competitors, what image you want to convey, and what roles will you and your employees will play in your new business. Write down the answers to these questions to make sure you are completely clear on the mission of your business, and you’ll have an easier time forming your mission statement when the time comes. You want to use vibrant, exciting words. You want to inspire action by using words that create dynamic visuals in the minds of investors and customers.

Putting it Together



As seen on Forbes, Mashable,

Like everything that lasts, a great mission statement takes time to create. Going through the process of crafting your business’ mission statement can help you to understand the reason why you are going into business and clarify the motivations behind that business. To make your statement of mission stand out, you want to try and involve those that are connected to your business. Get those you trust to help you by bouncing ideas off of them. They can help you to see any strengths and weaknesses that you may miss. Set aside some time to brainstorm your ideas. Take a look at others to gather ideas. Write them down and read them aloud to see how they sound. If they don’t sound like your business, go back and start over. Keep at it until your statement of mission matches your business goals.

When you have a strong idea, great things will start to happen. You will have a better chance at securing the funding your need. When you secure the funding you need to start your business you will start to see your customers lining up at your door. Once you get that first customer to believe in your business, you’ll be able to see your business grow through word-of-mouth advertising. So whether you see it now or not, your mission statement is an important tool that you need to create before you even start thinking about writing your business plan. It needs to pack a punch and show your investors that you know what you want and that you are passionate about your business. Your mission statement should be the driving force behind everything else that you do with your business, and will be the force that you need to see your business grow.

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