Using LinkedIn as Part of your Marketing Strategy

Posted on May 4, 2014

The booming popularity of social media has given marketers a real opportunity to connect with millions of potential new customers.

While Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the platforms that attract the most attention, LinkedIn has also been growing impressively of late. Owners of the networking channel recently confirmed that it had surpassed the 300 million members mark, having seen 23 million new people sign up for an account since December 31st 2013.

Why marketers cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn

With members in more than 200 countries across the planet, it is clear that LinkedIn has a vast global appeal and this is something that marketers must take advantage of.

Of course, this platform is very different to Twitter and Facebook in that it is high-brow and strictly professional. If you want to share a cute image of a puppy or ask your followers who their favourite member of One Direction is, then LinkedIn is definitely not the place to do this. However, if you are looking to position your business as a leader in its field and are planning to cement links with other well respected organisations, then this is an ideal platform.



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One of the main reasons people sign up to LinkedIn is to further their career. You would be surprised at just how many job hunters have secured a new role through this social network. According to an infographic commissioned by Masters in Human Resources, 77 per cent of all job vacancies are posted on LinkedIn and 48 per cent of recruiters exclusively advertise their latest openings via this platform.

As such, it goes without saying that LinkedIn has quickly become a pivotal component of any successful recruitment marketing strategy.

LinkedIn partnerships work in favour of marketers

LinkedIn is fully aware that it is now viewed as a crucial content marketing tool and it has taken steps to make life easier for companies that are looking to publish material on the platform.

In April 2014, LinkedIn announced two new types of Certified Marketing Partners – Sponsored Updates Partners and Content Partners – which it said would make it more convenient for content marketers to use the social network. The Content Partners programme is particularly interesting, as it enables companies to deliver content using their own brand name.

The partnership also allows marketers to garner relevant information for their particular target audience, which gives them a far better chance of producing something that is truly engaging and effective. In a blog post, LinkedIn’s marketing supremo Penry Price wrote: “Content is an important driver of engagement on LinkedIn, and our members get tremendous value from brands that deliver quality information and insights.

We’re pleased that we can offer new ways to enhance the LinkedIn experience for them every day.”

This is just the latest example of how LinkedIn has taken steps to enhance its reputation as an essential marketing tool. Although it is still lagging way behind Facebook in terms of account holders – Facebook had 1.28 billion monthly active users as of March 31st 2014 – it is growing all the time and continues to change the landscape of marketing in the recruitment industry.

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  • Lorie Lewis
    July 31, 2014 (5:50 pm)

    LinkedIn provides a number of community features that allow you to communicate and collaborate with other LinkedIn users. LinkedIn can be a valuable business tool to help you grow your business

  • Amanda Michaelson
    September 19, 2014 (5:29 am)

    Linkedin is very useful as a part of marketing strategy. It could also be a tool in generating leads and will also be helpful in garnering exposure for your business.

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