Top 6 Apps for Business Professionals

Posted on September 20, 2013

The business world is a fast-moving place where you need to be on your toes all the time. The following apps will help you move as quickly as the rest of the world does. Without these apps, you might find yourself living in the past.

Go To My PC


In an era of cable, Internet, and TV, it can be easy to forget how infrequently many people are actually at their computers. With Citrix’s Go To My PC, you don’t have to be at your computer to access it right from your tablet. Using this app you can find files, use applications, and do anything else you might need to in order to stay productive wherever you happen to be.


Syncing up your computers can be a challenge. Figuring out which version of the file you’re working on is challenging as well. What sorts of changes have you made in the past few days? Are you making the same edits over and over without even realizing it, or laboring under assumptions based on old data? If you have been concerned about these possibilities, Cubby’s ability to sync up specific folders within your computers takes away the guesswork.



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Dragon Dictation

If you don’t have your hands free or if you talk faster than you type, Dragon Dictation is a great app for you. You can text, email, or compose documents using the power of your voice. This is a very accurate piece of dictation software that actually understands. With Dragon Dictation, you can focus on what you’re writing, and what you’re doing independently of each other.


Do you sign a ton of different documents on a regular basis, and find it hard to find a printer and scanner while on the road to keep up with it? Particularly in the sales world, it can be brutal trying to keep up with the paper work, and making sure that everything that needs to be signed actually gets signed. With EchoSign, you can sign and send documents with ease right from your portable device.


As strange as it sounds, the fax is still an efficient method of keeping in touch with your colleagues and others in your network. When you have to send a large document, this seemingly archaic form of communication is still useful. But try using your tablet as a fax machine. With eFax, you can do precisely that from wherever you happen to be. Have faxes coming in? It’s covered. Need to send a fax to an office that hasn’t gone paperless? It’s taken care of.


When you have a great idea, sometimes it’s good to overlay it on a picture, but many times you don’t want to damage the original or you don’t have the original. With Skitch, you can take a picture and draw on it right on your portable device.

The business world demands great apps, and the above are some of the best. With these apps, you can get more done and do it better.


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