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Top 10 Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Blog (V2)

With all of the experience I have using WordPress these are the top 10 plugins I would recommend.  Sociable, Contact Form 7, Pageear, All in One SEO Pack, TweetMeme Button, Popularity Contest, WP Cumulus, Intense Debate, What Would Seth Godin Do and Similar Posts. Feel free to download them using the links provided and let me know what you think.

1. Sociable

Description: Automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites! WordPress 2.6 or above is required.

Why top 10?

  • Social media sharing plugin.
  • Encourages readers to share your posts.
  • Easy to customize.

Download Here:

2. Contact Form 7

Description: Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Why top 10?

  • Contact forms.
  • Includes many features.
  • Easy to customize.

Download Here:

3. Pageear

Description: Pageear is a free flash pagepeel plugin. It allows you to customize an ad in the corner of your site that peels down. It’s a very catchy script and will be sure to improve you advertising revenues.

Why top 10?

  • Peel down ad in corner of your page.
  • Visually captivating.
  • Encourages more ad clicks.

Download Here:

4. All in One SEO Pack

Description: Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. This allows you to easily edit your SEO options rather than edit everything within the code. It will improve your SEO tags automatically. It’s the best SEO plugin out there.

Why top 10?

  • Easily edit SEO for your blog.
  • Improves your SEO.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Generate SEO report

Download Here:

5. TweetMeme Button

Description: The TweetMeme button easily allows your blog to be retweeted. The button also provides a current count of how many times your story has been retweeted throughout twitter.

Why top 10?

  • Adds TweetMeme Button to your posts, pages and archives.
  • Encourages retweets of your posts.
  • Easy to customize.

Download Here:

6. Popularity Contest

Description: This will enable ranking of your posts by popularity; using the behavior of your visitors to determine each post’s popularity. You set a value (or use the default value) for every post view, comment, etc. and the popularity of your posts is calculated based on those values. Once you have activated the plugin, you can configure the Popularity Values and View Reports

Why top 10?

  • Calculates how popular your posts are.
  • Includes popularity reports.
  • Easy to customize.

Download Here:

7. WP-Cumulus

Description: WP-Cumulus allows you to display your site’s tags, categories or both using a Flash movie that rotates them in 3D. It works just like a regular tags cloud, but is more visually exciting. Clicking the tags can be a little hard but it does take you to the appropriate page.
Why top 10?

  • Shows 3-D rotating tag cloud.
  • Visually captivating for visitors.

Download Here:

8. Intense debate

Description: Intense debate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website. Full comment and account data sync between Intense Debate and WordPress ensures that you will always have your comments. Custom integration with your WordPress admin panel makes moderation a piece of cake. Comment threading, reply-by-email, user accounts and reputations, comment voting, along with Twitter and friendfeed integrations enrich your readers’ experience and make more of the internet aware of your blog and comments which drives traffic to you!

Why top 10?

Download Here:

9. What Would Seth Godin Do

Description: Displays a custom welcome message to new visitors and another to return visitors. By default, new visitors to your blog will see a small box above each post containing the words “If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!” After 5 visits the message disappears. You can customize this message, its lifespan, and its location. The message can be excluded from Pages if desired.

Why top 10?

  • Raise your number of RSS subscribers
  • Cool customizable text, asking to subscribe to your blog.
  • Easy to customize.

Download Here:

10. Similar Posts

Description: Similar Posts displays a list of posts that are similar or related to the current posts. The list can be customized in many ways. Similarity is judged according to a post’s title, content, and tags and you can adjust the balance of factors to fit your own blog.

Why top 10?

  • Great for readers to find other similar posts.
  • Easy to customize.

Download Here:
So what do you think? Any recommendations or comments?

  • @DavidBeKing

    Great post Ben!

    I just installed popularity contest, I will have to see how I like that.

    I have tweetmeme, sociable, all in one seo and those are awesome… they help drive traffic for sure!

    I would add "Digg Digg" to this list, that plugin is awesome as well!

    Great post, keep it up!

    David King


    • Benjamin Lang

      Thanks! Popularity contest is very cool, enjoy. I had tweetmeme before Digg Digg, so thats in there but I now use Digg Digg its more useful. Thanks again.

  • Roland Millward

    Thanks Ben for an interesting post. It is good to have someone like you review WordPress plugins and your review is much appreciated.

    • Benjamin Lang

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed. Hopefully you could use some of them for your blog!

  • Tony Ramirez

    The WP-cumulus is such a great tool.
    I'm glad you posted this, it's time to upgrade
    some of the plugins I currently have.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Benjamin Lang

      Thanks, use all of these for your blog! It will very much benefit you.

  • ROb

    Great post and love the plug-ins you listed! I like the similar posts plug-in!

    • Benjamin Lang

      Thanks Rob!

  • Gabe | freebloghelp

    Great list. Can't go wrong with tweetmeme! And All-in-one SEO has been a great for me.

    • Benjamin Lang

      Thanks for the comment Gabe!

  • Justin

    You're missing some of my favorites!
    Google XML sitemap generator – Super important for search visibility.
    and My link order – just so you can organize your blogrolls nicely.

    • Benjamin Lang

      Sorry, those are also great plugins!

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  • Blaineblogger

    Excellent list of plugins.

    I use or have used all of these except for "Pageear" which
    is one I really want to check out. There always seems to be
    one plugin that you've never used but that's cool.

    Thanks Ben

    • Benjamin Lang

      Glad you use all of them. Pageear is very cool for new advertising methods…

  • Walte Call

    Thanks a lot for this very useful article. But I had trouble navigating past your web site because I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

    • Ben Lang

      Oh that’s possibly because I was redesigning my site. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Sandesh Mascarenhas

    Nice top 10 page plugins. Can you let me know the plugin for page navigation. The best one.

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks. The plugin for page navigation is called: page-navi.

  • Uttoran Sen

    those are some really cool plugins, i always wondered how the tags rotated in certain blogs, now i know its because of “WP-Cumulus” will use this one, thanks,

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks, Wp-Cumulus is a great plugin try it out.

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  • web design agency

    What about onlywire auto post….That is a sick plugin too. Good list, prob hard to choose just 10.

  • Deangelo Hanrahan

    Thank you for the great list with plugins, i have several favourites to, like the all known “All IN SEO “and also the easy privacy policy and also SEO friendly images (got some excellent results with it)and lastly pretty links (great for cloacking) affiliate links…

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  • Web Development

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  • JackLane

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