Tips for Developing an Effective Business Logo

Posted on February 4, 2013


Take a look at how the logos of large brands like NBC, YouTube, Ford and Nike communicate key elements of what each brand is about. Even though your business is small now, you should still have a logo that captures the essence of your business and clearly communicates a message to your customers. Whether you work with a designer or create a logo yourself, rely on several principles during the process.

1. Start with a concept

You don’t need to include graphic elements in your logo; you can still communicate a concept through letters. You may want your logo to look fun, serious, strong or fluid. Each of these concepts can be communicated through typeface and color. Graphic elements may also be able to add something to the overall concept.



As seen on Forbes, Mashable,

2. Keep it legible

Your logo is not the place to experiment with interesting fonts, especially ones that use script or fine lines. You want the logo to be easy to read from a distance, in just a glance. In general, letters should be all the same size, unless you are specifically emphasizing letters and do so in a way that still makes the logo as a whole easy to read.

3. Maintain simplicity

If you include graphic elements in the logo, keep them simple and clear. People need to be able to catch the meaning of the logo quickly. You don’t want them to have to ponder the design for even 10 seconds to be able to grasp what you’re communicating. Colors are one of the features that can destroy simplicity. Stick to one or two colors unless you’re confident in a multicolored approach, like what you see with the logos for Google and eBay.

4. Ensure adaptability

Your logo needs to be scalable so it’s still relevant when it is much larger or smaller than your optimal size. You also want it to be effective when it’s in black and white, or if it has to be printed on a black or colored background instead of a white one. Test the logo in each of these applications and ensure it’s still just as effective.

5. Test the logo

Before going ahead with a logo design, test it with trusted people. You know the concept and have seen the logo evolve through each stage, but a first impression is key. Get several people who have never seen it before give you feedback on what they think and how it makes them feel. If you do any business internationally, get feedback from an international audience as well to ensure it translates well to other cultures.

Your logo is one of the best ways to build a strong brand identity, so you need to know what you’re doing when you create it. An ineffective logo will leave people confused about your business; an effective logo will draw people in and keep them coming back. If you don’t have the skills and experience to create a logo, work with an affordable design company who will create a high-quality logo that captures your brand.

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  • Maegan Anderson
    February 6, 2013 (1:09 am)

    Making a business logo do not require a very unique design. Have you noticed the logo of the well-known brands like nike and converse?the designs were very simple yet it signifies the authority of their product.

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