Think Twice Before Scrimping on Legal Expenses

Posted on January 3, 2013

CoinsMost people are rarely required to interact with attorneys. However, that can change if someone decides to start a business. In the first heady rush of starting a new venture, legal services may not be the first thing on the owner’s mind. Their thoughts are filled with the product or service they hope to provide. They are trying to secure financing, lease the proper location and perhaps even hire some staff.

Finding appropriate legal services should be near the top of things to do for the business owner. The fact is, most businesses will probably require the assistance of more than one type of attorney. Some lawyers specialize in helping businesses to incorporate. They can help the owner ensure that all state filings are made in a timely fashion. This guarantees that licenses are in order and that the business can legally operate.

Many business owners will also need to enlist the help of an intellectual property attorney. These lawyers are specialists who have technical expertise, such as chemical or mechanical engineering, in addition to their legal credentials. These are the attorneys who can help clients to patent the product or process they are selling. They can also assist clients to obtain a registered trademark for their logo, company name or slogan.

It is possible for business owners to take care of some of these matters themselves. However, it is always better to enlist the help of a legal professional so that certain very expensive pitfalls can be avoided. For instance, an intellectual property attorney can perform a complex trademark search for the company name to make certain that the new company’s use of that name will not infringe the rights of an already existing trademark owner. Should the new company go forward with an infringing name, they are at risk of being sued by the trademark owner and being forced to give up their name. This can be just the beginning of a long and expensive re-branding nightmare.



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Seen in this light, it’s clear that while writing checks to attorneys can be painful, it’s not nearly as painful as the circumstances that can occur if an attorney is not consulted. Business owners who are uncomfortable with the idea of working with an attorney can seek legal resources from to learn more about the process of finding the right attorney to meet their business needs.

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  • seventhman
    January 4, 2013 (7:41 am)

    I wonder if this goes true for the case of online dispute resolution programs vs. going to small claims court. It’s not only about legal expenses but the time it takes to win your case.. when you could have taken mediation instead.

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