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Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Stop Seeking Educational Opportunities

Everyone benefits from continuing their education, whether they acquire their GED, an associate degree, or a bachelor's degree. Further schooling is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs who are ambitious and motivated. Entrepreneurs can enroll in accelerated degree programs that give them the flexibility they need to work while earning a degree. The more you know, ...

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Arming America’s Youth: Entrepreneurship is Possible for Any Generation

Across the country, questions are being raised about how America’s youth will fare once they enter the job market. With the economy in such a poor state, what will happen when these students graduate college and move on to the job search? Speculation abounds: Will this generation be the first to encounter worse financial hits than their parents did? Yet entrep...

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5 More Must Read Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs

This isn't your father's business. You don't need to go to school or take a class to start a business that's both fulfilling and profitable. Some of the best resources for growing your business are free and they're found in the form of blogs. Of course, you're reading the fantastic content here at EpicLaunch already, so you know the power a blog can bring to your ...

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Emily’s Smile Box

Below is a story written by fellow entrepreneur, Emily. Emily started her business after her brother Jude suffered a stroke in utero. She spent hours in hospitals and epilepsy units supporting her brother. She found that hospitals were a sad, and boring places. While she was there she looked around and saw so many siblings of patients. Therefore she decided to ...

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