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How to Create a Pro Website for around $60

As a young entrepreneur, you are either providing a product or a service, and eventually you're going to need a website. You want the best website around, but you don't have the money for it, so you only have two options: hustle a friend or family member to create one, or create it yourself. We're going to explore the latter, however, creating a website can be ...

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6 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Navigation

Anyone who knows the basics of web usability will know that excellent navigation is an important part of a usable website. Sure, it seems like a very simple thing, and it really is. But when you think about it, navigation is really more than a list of links across the top of a page. 9HPESNCDK8VV Here are some things to consider when working on your blog's naviga...

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WordPress List Post – Will It Bring Major Traffic?

Publishing list post has been a huge trend for bloggers especially for those who are blogging about WordPress related topics. It has been claimed as a great way to create a post as the article will be easy to read and important points can easily be identified. However, there are huge numbers of  bloggers have failed to make use of the benefits of creating list ...

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Top 10 Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Blog (V2)

With all of the experience I have using Wordpress these are the top 10 plugins I would recommend.  Sociable, Contact Form 7, Pageear, All in One SEO Pack, TweetMeme Button, Popularity Contest, WP Cumulus, Intense Debate, What Would Seth Godin Do and Similar Posts. Feel free to download them using the links provided and let me know what you think. 1. Sociable ...

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7 Things to Do to Ensure Your Next Blog Post is Actually Read

There is a myth out there, this myth is that "great content markets itself". This whole idea of build it and they will come really doesn't apply online. The truth is unless you have a pre existing loyal audience of dedicated readers ready to determine your content is amazing and carry it on their backs to the rest of the world; then you're going to need to personally ...

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