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6 Precautions Every Online Business Owner Must Take

The Internet has revolutionized the way business is done today. Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores; if your business isn't online, you can’t hope to compete in today’s market. While there are many benefits to taking your business online, there are some serious drawbacks, one of the most frightening being Cyber Attacks. According to a 2013 study, cyber ...

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5 Things To Check Before You Launch Your Website

Its finally happened. Your website is done and ready for launch. You have been dreaming about this moment for weeks and can't wait to show your masterpiece to the world. Congratulations on the achievement but before you can introduce your site to the world there are some final checks that need to be made. This post covers 5 of the most common things which webmast...

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How Important is Meta Information on a Business Website?

It's no secret that search engines don't place a lot of stock in meta information on a website. When the web was first becoming popular and search engines were still taking shape, meta tags were very important to your business site's SEO. But that was back in 1995. Even in 2001, SEO writers were already scoffing at web developers that placed too much emphasis on meta ...

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5 Myths about Small Business Websites

Well we're in 2012 and no doubt many business owners are thinking about freshening up their web presence. But with terms such as FTP, bandwidth, bounce rate and UX style they can soon be left dizzy by the prospect. The truth is, running a web site does not need to be difficult or expensive. Here are some of the most typical myths surrounding the design and ...

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How to Launch Your Website On-Time

When I was in the processes of developing my 30 Day Blog, I was working on a pretty set-in-stone deadline. I had already promised that the site would launch sometime in March and I did not want to let anyone down. This meant that I had to follow a pretty strict deadline system to make sure that everything was ready for the March 30th premier. Now, I'd like to ...

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