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Build Your Personal Brand Using Twitter Chats

What if I told you there was one place where you could go every week and easily position yourself as an expert on a particular topic? And on top of that, what would you say if I told you that you could gain a ton of followers after just an hour? Chances are, if you're serious about growing your personal brand, you're extremely interested in what I'm talking about. ...

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Harnessing Twitter’s Full Potential

The conversation about global marketing via social media has been steadily growing for years and shows no sign of letting up. For companies looking to attract and communicate fluently with a global customer base, social networking became a requirement long ago. But what about niche and local businesses, who are more interested in attracting folks from their own ...

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From The Pages Of Tabloids: A Lesson On Writing Tweets

Your secret is still safe. You may continue to glance at those provocative tabloid headlines while waiting in line at the checkout stand. But now, you can do it in the name of research. Just pause for a moment to take in these classic headlines. Man’s head explodes in barber’s chair. Woman with 4 legs opens dance studio. Skiing squirrel dies trying to ...

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5 Reasons Your Business Is Failing On Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool that many companies are harnessing to raise brand awareness and connect with consumers. If you've been scratching your head over why your Twitter account isn't doing so well, read on to see the regular culprits of Twitter failure. Your Twitter Page Is Boring. You know who doesn't customize their Twitter's avatars, backgrounds, and ...

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5 Surefire Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

For an entrepreneur, trying to build a following on social media sites like Twitter can be a scary task. You see all these other people in your niche with hundreds, if not, thousands of followers and you just want a piece. It can be easy to just give up when you wake to only one new follower. But, what if I told you there were simple guidelines you could ...

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