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Finding Business Ideas And Solutions From Data Mining

Collecting data is one thing. But analyzing the data and using it to construct a business model that works may only be made efficient through the power of data mining. What is Data Mining? Data mining is the process of taking data normally collected by the company and using it to make business decisions. Data mining is crucial because the market landscape is ...

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Telecommunications For Your Business: Minding Your Ps and Qs

If you’re getting ready to introduce your business to the community or expand your business—Congratulations! This is an exciting time to grow your company. Business owners today have marketing and management tools at their fingertips to help them reach and retain more customers. Online marketing tools, software and easy access to research all make targeted ...

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5 Free Tools To Help You Launch On Reddit

If you are unfamiliar with Reddit.com, its slogan says  that it is the  “Front page of the internet”. Many active users flock to the site each day to  submit, comment, and vote on everything from  Entrepreneurship to Game of Thrones.  All of these sub-categories are called “sub reddits” or little groups where people with interests in the same hobbies ...

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Assemble! Rackspace and Redapt Link Up

There is a raging debate over the use of private cloud vs. public cloud computing solutions. Since the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise data management, it’s likely that most businesses can benefit from a hybrid approach. Still, for many businesses dealing with massive sets of data requiring extra layers of security, migrating to a private ...

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4 Useful Gadgets for Young Entrepreneurs

Ambitious as one might be, an entrepreneur faces tough hurdles almost on a daily basis. Whether it is creating an income report for the month or doing paperwork with Sun Document Filings, an entrepreneur has a lot to deal with. Thankfully though, there are a few gadgets that can make things much easier (and fun too!), and as we all know, gadgets are every entrepren...

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