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5 Ways to Have Your CPAs Pay for Themselves

When it comes to small businesses, it's important to know everything that can be deducted. You may be paying way more than you actually should. Here are a few ways to have your CPAs pay for themselves by discovering these deductions. Your Home Office There's a shocking number of people who work from home that choose to not deduct the cost of doing so. There are ...

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Pitfalls Start-Ups Need To Avoid

The U.S economy is driven by start-ups. They play a vital role in the net job creation. However, INC. magazine reports 33 percent of all the new businesses face failure within the first 6 months of operation. 50 percent go on to fail after 2 years, while 75 percent see the wrath after three years. So what are the pitfalls that startups need to avoid in the first ...

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Need to Relocate? 6 Tips to Help the Transition Go Smoothly For Employees

When it’s time for a business to relocate, there’s a lot to consider. One thing that absolutely cannot be lost in the flurry of lease signings and movers’ fees is the effect the move will have on a company’s employees. Whether the company is moving to the neighboring city or across the country, uprooting people’s lives comes with responsibilities. ...

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Resolve to Start Your Own Business in 2013: Advice from Entrepreneurs

The beginning of a new year is always a time of reflection and self-improvement. For many of us, the resolutions will be small and simple: save more money, eat better, get in shape, quit a bad habit. Then there are those who are ready to take on a bigger challenge: entrepreneurship. Starting your own business is an ambitious and time-consuming endeavor. With good ...

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5 Things To Check Before You Launch Your Website

Its finally happened. Your website is done and ready for launch. You have been dreaming about this moment for weeks and can't wait to show your masterpiece to the world. Congratulations on the achievement but before you can introduce your site to the world there are some final checks that need to be made. This post covers 5 of the most common things which webmast...

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