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How to Get More Done in Just 25 Minutes

Have you ever felt like you could have gotten more done in a day if you had better management of your time? I know I have. For many years I have tried to find the perfect time management tool or method to getting more done and I think that I have found it. It is called the ‘Pomodoro Technique’. The Pomodoro Technique is a way to make the most out of your time ...

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How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Having a Personal Life

Let’s start by facing a harsh fact: As entrepreneurs and startup aficionados, we are workaholics. Our lifestyles revolve around our schedules and ourselves. Littered with endless emails, phone calls, customer relations’ headaches, and the lingering fear of failure, there is no avoiding the fact that we commit ourselves to our businesses, day and night. In ...

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How to Not Multitask: A Guide to Startup Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, human beings cannot multitask. Our brains can only focus on one major thing at a time. But we try. Boy, do we try. It used to take me 10-15 minutes to do anything on my computer. Now that I my social presence, checking every few seconds to see if anything had changed - it hadn't. All I was doing was wasting my time. What I've learned, ...

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3 Simple Steps to Manage Your Time Like a Pro

If there is one thing that life as an entrepreneur has taught me, it is that no day is ever the same. While it can be an incredibly exciting adventure, there are a few problems that arise from having to switch tasks, goals, and objectives so often. Number one on that list of problems is time management. How you manage and prioritize your time is everything, and can ...

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