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How This 16 Year Old Rapper Plans to Change The World

It's no doubt that rap music has a huge influence on our culture today. And when you listen to these songs, the majority of them are feeding negative messages to listeners. But, a 16 year old rapper named Christian Chamberlin and his brother Clay are out to shake up the world of rap music with Christian's first album, The Road Less Traveled. Even though he's ...

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Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets Book Review

“The Essential Guide to Starting and Growing a Business” Interested in changing your life? Interested in receiving secrets on how to become a successful teen entrepreneur? If so, I advise you to read this book review thoroughly. Shonika Proctor (Renegade CEO's), the author, is one of those very unique people. She spends her time helping young entrepreneurs ...

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Wayne Liew’s Entrepreneurship Blog

Below is a post written by fellow entrepreneur, Wayne Liew. The abundance of this universe offers more than enough opportunities for entrepreneurs, even those who are still young, still studying in schools and still trying to grasp the different walks of life. My name is Wayne Liew. I am an online marketer and editor of Wayne Liew Dot Com, a blog focusing ...

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Florida Teen Seeks to Change the World

Danielle Herb (also known as The Horse Listener), 15, is a young social entrepreneur on a mission to improve the lives of 1,000,000 ADD/ADHD and Autistic children. The first item on her agenda is to raise $50,000 by Oct 1, 2009 to secure a world class training facility in Ocala, FL where she will be able to provide free horse therapy to kids. The rapid growth ...

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Jason O’Neill’s Story of Entrepreneurship

Below is a story written by a fellow entrepreneur, Jason O'Neill. You don’t have to wait until you’re older, have finished college, or have a degree to start a business. In fact, there are really no age requirements or restrictions for becoming an entrepreneur. The main thing is to want to do something! You can’t get anywhere by sitting on your ideas. When I ...

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