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Finding the Right People for Your Company

Once your startup is off the ground and running, there are many hats you’ll wear. One of the most important is that of recruiter and hiring manager. If you have ten roles to fill, you never just hire the first ten applicants. You have to do a thorough, intense search to find the right people for your company. The people who make up your company determine how ...

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The Delicate Nature of Delegating

When you’re an entrepreneur, it is your business. So it’s natural to want to manage every aspect of it yourself because so much is at risk, especially during the first year. However, as your business grows, delegating should become an essential role for you as a leader. Wearing Multiple Hats: It’s Not Just a Fashion Don’t While it’s very common for ...

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4 Ways to Build The Perfect Team

What is the number one thing that separates bad companies from great companies? That's a no-brainer. It's the team. What you are missing is a great team that is as passionate about the business idea as you are. If you've already found that, stop reading and go relax at the nearest beach as your success begins to pour in. If you haven't found it, let's talk. We've ...

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