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How Any Entrepreneur Can Attract the Right Tech Co-Founder

Finding the right partner to help bring a new startup into the world can be a bit like finding your soulmate. Like a marriage, running a company means spending a lot of time together, sticking with each other through thick and thin, and maintaining healthy communication. Co-founders need good chemistry and common goals that last beyond an initial surface attraction...

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Things You Can Do To Get Your Startup Off the Ground

Meta: Looking to start our own company? Think you’re ready for a launch. Follow these tips to increase the odds of success. Starting a company can be a risky endeavor but if you make your startup a success, you can enjoy the freedom and financial success that comes from being your own boss and running a successful company. In order to have the best chance of ...

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5 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

A lot of entrepreneurs choose to work from home for economic reasons, while others do it by choice because they enjoy telecommuting. Regardless of why you want to work from home, you need to ensure that your workplace is in good shape. This allows you to experience a higher level of productivity and get a better return on your time investment. However, do keep in ...

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Launching a Startup? Choose Where First

You have that one great idea, and you are filled with optimism. Now is the time to set out and conquer your dreams, becoming an entrepreneur and running your own successful startup! This is the dream of many, even more so thanks to the internet and how it has paved the way for small businesses to once again take the limelight. Even the smallest startups can ...

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Pitfalls Start-Ups Need To Avoid

The U.S economy is driven by start-ups. They play a vital role in the net job creation. However, INC. magazine reports 33 percent of all the new businesses face failure within the first 6 months of operation. 50 percent go on to fail after 2 years, while 75 percent see the wrath after three years. So what are the pitfalls that startups need to avoid in the first ...

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