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5 Best Social Media Apps on BlackBerry

It's no secret that BlackBerry has a devoted following in the business space. Blackberry users have a variety of social media apps at their fingertips to stay connected while on the move and connect with their customers. Nearly all social networks have a native app, and there are tons of messaging apps available. Here are some of the best social media apps to use ...

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Build Your Personal Brand Using Twitter Chats

What if I told you there was one place where you could go every week and easily position yourself as an expert on a particular topic? And on top of that, what would you say if I told you that you could gain a ton of followers after just an hour? Chances are, if you're serious about growing your personal brand, you're extremely interested in what I'm talking about. ...

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Helping Your Small Business Succeed with Social Media

Social media is a small business owner’s best friend. The barriers erected by big business and million-dollar marketing campaigns have been shattered by social media, placing all businesses on a relatively equal playing field. While it’s true that the big companies have the biggest reach, the cream rises to the top in social media marketing, and you have more ...

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Harnessing Twitter’s Full Potential

The conversation about global marketing via social media has been steadily growing for years and shows no sign of letting up. For companies looking to attract and communicate fluently with a global customer base, social networking became a requirement long ago. But what about niche and local businesses, who are more interested in attracting folks from their own ...

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What are the marketing opportunities with Pinterest?

Outside of Facebook and Twiiter, Pinterest is arguably the hottest social tool in the internet world. As the site increases in popularity, brands and SEO specialists are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon to reap the rewards of becoming early adopters. Although it truly is the new kid on the block, this newcomer has the type of potential that could make it a ...

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