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5 Ways to Have Your CPAs Pay for Themselves

When it comes to small businesses, it's important to know everything that can be deducted. You may be paying way more than you actually should. Here are a few ways to have your CPAs pay for themselves by discovering these deductions. Your Home Office There's a shocking number of people who work from home that choose to not deduct the cost of doing so. There are ...

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4 Unexpected Ways Macs are Great for Your Small Business

For quite some time, PCs have been the favored computer in the business world. For several valid reasons, Macs had always been deemed too expensive, incompatible with company needs, and ill-suited for professionals not in the creative field. Yet, the perceptions of Apple machines have changed. The company has made significant efforts to have a place in businesses, ...

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Tools of the Trade: 8 Things Every Startup CEO Should Have

You've finally decided to set up your own business. Congratulations! Now that you've decided to go this route, you'll need a few things. Here's a list of things that every startup CEO should have. Lawyer Up! Image via Flickr by mikemccaffrey One of the very first things you should do for your new startup is hire a lawyer to represent your company. A lawyer ...

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Banks vs. Credit Unions: Opening a High Interest Savings Account

Are you considering opening a new bank account? Whether it's for personal or business, there are a lot of things to consider. Are you going to go with a traditional bank, or a credit union? What are the interest rates? There are many different options, and the details may vary depending on your area. However, there are some basics to consider. Credit Union Im...

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The Importance Of The Cloud For Small Businesses

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ve probably heard the term “cloud” thrown around business circles with increasing fervor, along with all of the accompanying cheesy metaphors. (“Watching the cloud go by,” “Taking shade beneath the cloud,” “Will the cloud bring rain?”, etc.). But if you’re like 51% of ...

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