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Live Chatting Serves Customers -No Matter What Time of Day or Night

Whether you're a small or large business, you're probably not going home early and delegating everything like the CEO of a multinational corporation. All business owners expect to work long hours and do multiple jobs, and it's still never quite enough. Rather than run yourself into the ground trying to be there for your customers at all hours of the day, it's ...

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The ROI of Exhibiting – The Seen and Unseen

In today’s economy, every dollar counts and any investment must return measurable benefits to your business.   Because of this, you need to strategically focus your marketing efforts to achieve the biggest bang for the lowest buck.  In evaluating your business and which marketing efforts will best benefit your company, consider trade show exhibiting. Th...

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The 4 Important Phases of Selling – A.I.D.A.

A few years ago, I had spent some time in the sales and marketing industry, and as a professional in that industry, one of the first essential lessons in sales that was taught to me was that of AIDA. which is used to describe the four phases in sales - Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. So, what do they mean? Attention The first phase is to get the ...

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